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Actual mommy make over patient, Sally, mother of four
My experience with Joseph T Cruise, MD and his staff has been amazing! A friend who was thrilled with her results referred me to him, and I am so happy I ended up choosing him as my surgeon. He spent a great deal of time with me during my initial consultation and was extremely thorough in answering all of my questions and alleviating any fears I may have had.

I am beyond amazed at how beautiful my results are and have referred him to many of my friends! He is a true artist and gave me back the body that I once had (even better!) after having four children. Thank you, Joseph T Cruise, MD!! You are THE best!!

Sally, mother of four,
Mommy Makeover Patient

Dear Joseph T Cruise, MD and Staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience I had while getting my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The moment I arrived at the office I felt welcomed and comfortable with the staff, I had a great feeling when meeting Joseph T Cruise, MD and knew he was the Doctor who would perform this surgery for me. I was nervous about going under general anesthesia, but it went really well I did not feel a thing. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedures, I am healing well and the scars are so small I can hardly see them. I have already recommended Joseph T Cruise, MD to my friends who are interested in having procedures done.

Thank you again,
Lisa, 28, mother of 2

Joseph T Cruise, MD & Jola

It has been two months since my breast lift and augmentation surgery and I just wanted to write and let you know how thrilled I am with both the process and the results. The two other consults I had prior to choosing a plastic surgeon taught me that there are plenty of doctors who will perform a surgery and, in the case of breast augmentation, talk to you about size etc, and then (often in an insensitive and "clinical" way) tell you how it will be and what they will do, but very few who will really listen to why you are seeking surgery, consider lifestyle, give you personalized options based on those factors!

As a woman, so much of this process is related to feelings and I appreciate your patience throughout the process to be understanding and willing to answer as many questions as necessary! I was able to restore proportion and achieve the natural look I once had with minimal scarring. I felt completely confident prior to surgery that you both knew what I wanted and that you would do all that was possible to achieve my own "personalized" result with the best in medical technology, expertise & safety.

The office is so casual and friendly and follow-up process has been easy and helpful. From the first consult through pre-op, surgery, the call at home that night and follow-up appointments, both my husband and I could not be happier. I wish you continued success in your practice and will pass the word whenever I can and certainly will only return to Joseph T Cruise, MD should I or any family members desire plastic surgery in the future!

With gratitude and best wishes,
Cathryn, 48, mother of 2

Joseph T Cruise, MD -

I'm so happy with the final results of my mini tummy tuck! That deflated balloon-look is gone forever. My tummy is so flat I'm even considering wearing a bikini this summer. Joseph T Cruise, MD, you did an awesome job!

Pat, 48, mother of 2,

Joseph T Cruise, MD's ctual mommy make over patient, Stephanie, with her sonI was referred to Joseph T Cruise, MD by a very close friend of mine, which was my first indication he was a reputable surgeon and went to visit him for a breast augmentation procedure. From the moment I walked into Joseph T Cruise, MD's office, it was a serene, calming, and professional environment that made me feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. Prior to my first visit with Joseph T Cruise, MD, I had done extensive research on his website which is filled with virtually every kind of imaginable information. Although I had taken in-depth notes of my concerns and/or questions, I still wanted to direct these questions at Joseph T Cruise, MD. Before I had a chance to ask my questions, he had answered them all, made me feel comfortable with the procedure, and provided realistic information to fulfill my needs.

I have had small breasts my entire life, and after I had my son, they seemed to have diminished in size even more! I had always wanted a breast augmentation, and I felt I had reached the right time in my life to get the procedure. I never had any doubts of Joseph T Cruise, MD's ability, work, or dedication to his patients. On the day of surgery, he met with me to reconfirm the decisions that we had made, and made me feel completely comfortable about getting the surgery.

I love my new breasts! They have honestly made me feel like more of a woman, which I think makes me a better and more dedicated wife and mother. I would, and have, referred Joseph T Cruise, MD to anyone looking to have a plastic surgery procedure, as I am completely confident in him and his entire staff!

Stephanie, mother of 1
Breast Augmentation patient

I feel very happy with all the changes Joseph T Cruise, MD has done to my body. My life has changed both physically and emotionally.

My sexual relationship has also changes for the better :-). My Husband is the happiest man alive!!!! He now calls me his Little Barbie.

I feel more confident!!! I owe all the thanks to Joseph T Cruise, MD for all the good and positive changes in my life. He is a wonderful person. And most of all he is a professional, including his staff. They are all the best!!

Thank you all very much- I love you guys!!!

Rosa, mother of two (13 & 14-y-o)
Mini tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation.

After having two children and then tummy tuck, I'm really enjoying wearing more tight fitting clothing. I feel great! The recovery was very easy with no pain. I used to be very concerned how I looked in lingerie and now it is quite enjoyable to wear what I want. The most amazing to me was the nicer rounder but. After the liposuction of the flanks, it totally became more round and prominent. I never thought I had it ;-).

Cynthia, 32,mother of two (10,7-y-o)
Tummy tuck with liposuction.

I recently had some procedures done by Dr Cruise and couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience. From the very first consultation in the office... to the surgery itself.. and to followup visits, everyone in the office has been very kind and professional. The Surgery Center is excellent as well and the nurses were so nice and attentive. I have felt like I am not only a patient, but also a friend. Dr Cruise is an excellent surgeon and I think he's one of the best in his field. I have already recommended him to a few friends who are interested in getting procedures done and will continue to do so! Thank you again!

Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy tuck
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I had breast augmentation with Joseph T Cruise, MD and I have never been happier with the way I look since I had my babies. Joseph T Cruise, MD enhanced myself confidence, my appearance and I do recommend him to anyone who needs any cosmetic procedure and I will always go back to him.

Breast augmentation
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Joseph T Cruise, MD was thoughtful and provided all the information I needed to have my surgery. He made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that my surgery would be fantastic. The entire process from consultation to post surgery visit have been a breeze. Joseph T Cruise, MD's office staff are courteous and made me feel very comfortable. I had a great experience with the entire procedure.

Breast Lift Implant Exchange
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Wish I had done this sooner. When I met Joseph T Cruise, MD and his staff I was so impressed with their caring attitude. I didn't feel like just another patient. Joseph T Cruise, MD listened to me and told me just what to expect. It turned out even better than I hoped. I am ready to schedule my next procedure. The surgery center was top notch too. Thanks for working with people that make your patients feel like a friend.

Breast Lift with Augmentation
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Patient Story

(Breast Lift Augmentation - Patient's Story)

Veronica is a glowing, content thirty-something mom blessed with three children. But, like many mothers, her blessings came with a sacrifice.

When Veronica stopped breast-feeding her youngest and lost the baby weight, her breast size decreased significantly from a 34C to a 32A. This major loss in size left her feeling depressed and self-conscious.

Change was imminent when Veronica's 3-year-old daughter laid her head upon her chest and said,"Mommy, the baby must have drunk all your milk because your breasts are empty!"

"I felt as if I looked like a 70-year-old woman," says Veronica. "Images of women with sagging breasts belong in National Geographic."

Veronica soon selected a plastic surgeon that appeared to have all the proper credentials.

After her breast augmentation, Veronica experienced severe pain and nausea coupled with an undesirable breast appearance. The implants were far too big for her body type now filling a full 34D on her petite 5'2 frame.

She emphatically expressed her dissatisfaction with the surgeon. This despair led to another surgery with the same surgeon in an attempt to remedy the situation. The result: Veronica's breasts were now too wide and saggy. Yet again, this surgeon failed to fully appreciate Veronica's desires. Physically and emotionally distraught, she yearned to resolve her breast trauma.

Desperate to move forward, Veronica scheduled a consultation with Dr. Joseph T. Cruise of Newport Beach.

"Joseph T Cruise, MD was kind and compassionate. He took the time to find out exactly what I desired," says Veronica. "he was very straightforward about what I could expect. By the end of the consultation, he had earned my complete trust."

Following the surgery, Veronica welcomed the noticeable improvement in her appearance and the elimination of her pain and discomfort. "I look and feel like my old self again," says Veronica. "I am so pleased I found Joseph T Cruise, MD. He truly cared about my progress and recovery, especially my satisfaction."

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