Breast Reduction Female


Female Breast Reduction

Average Cost

$13,800 - $15,700


7-10 days

Breast reduction is often times combined with a lift and/or augmentation.

Breast Reduction Overview


A breast reduction is the surgical removal of excess breast tissue for the purpose of decreasing size, and in many cases, to improve the overall shape. It is common for a breast reduction to be combined with a breast lift and/or augmentation with implants for long-lasting results. 

Surgery Information

Anesthesia - General 

Facility - Accredited outpatient facility 

Recovery - 7-10 days

Cost - $13,800 - $15,700

Breast Reduction Overview

Female breast reduction can be performed by a number of different procedures. Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Joseph T Cruise, MD, uses the “Short Scar Breast Reduction” procedure. Although the Short Scar is more technically difficult than other procedures, it also leaves the patient with less scarring and creates greater breast volume and cleavage. Joseph T Cruise, MD believes that a breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that doesn’t just make breasts smaller, but should create more shapeliness and an overall artistic, sexy result.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Short Scar Breast Reduction Procedure leaves the shortest, most minimal scar possible; however, patients should be prepared to accept that there will be scarring on their breasts after the surgery. The scar will circle the nipple, with a thin line down to the fold under the breast. Rarely, women with significant reductions may have a thin scar line under the fold of the breast as well. The scar begins as red, but fades within the first year. Many breast reduction patients find that lighter, perkier, less cumbersome breasts are a fair trade for these scars, which are easily covered up by bras and swimsuit tops. See Joseph T Cruise, MD’s gallery of before and after breast reduction pictures for examples of the scarring some of his patients have experienced.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Many of Joseph T Cruise, MD’s patients find that the benefits of breast reduction are physical, mental, and cosmetic. Women report that after surgery they feel proud of their breasts, rather than burdened by them, and that they are more comfortable and satisfied with their appearance. Some of the benefits patients report after breast reduction include:

  • Relief of back and neck pain.
  • Relief from skin irritation, rashes, and moisture underneath breasts
  • Reduced weight that makes movement and exercise easier
  • Improved breathing and posture
  • Relief from shoulder and skin irritation from pinching, pulling, uncomfortable bras
  • Better fitting clothes
  • A perkier, more youthful nipple position and appearance
  • Lifted, fuller breasts with better volume and cleavage

Are You a Good Candidate?

When Joseph T Cruise, MD meets with patients in his Orange County office to discuss their breast reduction and other cosmetic surgery, they often already know whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. Women who are plagued by the problems caused by large breasts – including back and neck pain, trouble breathing, and ill-filling clothing – often want to know whether a breast reduction or a breast lift will ease their trouble.

During the consultation and physical exam Joseph T Cruise, MD discusses the patient’s desired results and reviews the cosmetic surgery approach that will give her the look she wants. The breast reduction procedure involves removing breast tissue in addition to reshaping and lifting the breast, which not only results in smaller, more comfortable breasts, but also in breasts that are perkier and more youthful. So while the results of breast lift and breast reduction are often very similar, a breast reduction is often more than simply cosmetic, and can result in significant improvement of medical conditions as well. Joseph T Cruise, MD recommends discussing your options with your insurance company for pre-approval prior to the surgery.

Some of the problems patients who need a breast reduction experience:

  • Back or neck pain caused by weight on the chest
  • Skin irritation and rashes caused by moisture in the fold below the breasts
  • Difficulty breathing or rapid heart-rate associated with excessive breast weight
  • Difficulty moving and exercising because of breast weight and placement
  • Grooves and marks on shoulders, back, and chest skin from uncomfortable bras
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit comfortably and attractively
  • Disproportionate breasts that cause a dissatisfying body shape
  • Oversized, droopy breasts that cause a dissatisfying body shape

Joseph T Cruise, MD feels that patients who experience these problems and are looking to alleviate the trouble caused by large breasts are ideal candidates to meet with him and discuss their options for female breast reduction.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

Some people with sedentary jobs return to work 1 week after their breast reduction surgery. If your job, however, requires aggressive arm movements it may take as long as 4 weeks before you can return to work. Most people choose to recover for 2 weeks before returning to work.

Top Results in Breast Reduction Surgery

The results of breast reduction surgery vary from one patient to another, and Joseph T Cruise, MD has worked with a variety of patients over the years and achieved the best results possible for them all. Cosmetic surgery procedures can change more than just your appearance – they can change your life. As a top plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Joseph T Cruise, MD provides his patients all this information, as well as a full gallery of before and after female breast reduction pictures, so patients can know reasonably what to expect. A consultation in his Orange County office can answer any remaining questions you have about whether or not a breast reduction surgery is right for you.

Cost of Female Breast Reduction

Female patients who come to Cruise Plastic Surgery interested in breast reduction often ask the same question: “How much does the breast reduction cost?” While financial concerns are certainly important when considering plastic surgery, the investment in yourself will pay you back more than you could expect over time. Reduced health problems, more comfortable and pleasing body proportions, and overall greater satisfaction with appearance are some of the benefits that patients report after a breast reduction. Dr. Joseph T. Cruise of Orange County believes that when results produce the effect of making a person’s life generally better, they are worth any cost.

Quality vs. Value

A plastic surgeon without the most extensive training and experience performing a delicate, highly technical surgery such as breast reduction will not be able to provide his patients with the best results. Often, the difference between costs of breast reduction from various cosmetic surgeons can be seen in the difference between their results. To view some of the best, most high-quality breast reduction results, browse Joseph T Cruise, MD’s gallery of before and after breast reduction photos.

On average, the cost for breast reduction can range between $13,800 and $15,700.

This price range includes standard fees for surgical equipment and facilities, fees for the surgeon and anesthesiologist, and costs associated with post-surgery follow-up care. At your pre-surgery consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD in our Orange County office, you will have a chance to discuss the specifics of your procedure and receive a more personalized estimate for the cost of your breast reduction surgery.

Find out more about breast reduction financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.