Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation with Dr. Cruise


While a face to face consultation is the preferred method for meeting Dr. Cruise for the first time, we understand this isn't always possible. Whether you reside out the area, have a hectic schedule, or time sensitive matter, you can take advantage of our Fast Track Consultation program.

When you take advantage of our virtual consultation option, you will receive a rapid assessment of the area/s you want to improve, along with Dr. Cruise's recommended treatment plan and surgical quote.

To begin the process, follow the step by step instructions to the left.

Photos: Follow the photo submission guideline below and submit at least one set of photos for each view. If possible, take photos with a plain background, nothing on the walls.

Note: If you have long hair and are interested in a face procedure, please put your hair in a pony tail when taking pictures.


Step 1 - Take photos

Use the photo guidelines shown below

Step 2 - Fill out the form below and upload your photos

If you have any additional information you want us to know such as such as  you reside out of the area, have health issues, need surgery soon, etc. please put this into the comments section. 

Step 3 - Schedule consultation

Once your submission is received, one of our patient care coordinators will contact you to schedule your consultation. In most cases, we are able to schedule a virtual consultation within 72 hours of receiving your information.

Step 4 - Consultation

On the day and time that your consultation is scheduled, Dr. Cruise and your patient care coordinator will contact you to discuss your case. 

Photo Submission Guideline

Face Procedures

Front Side Oblique Worm's Eye
Breast and Chest Procedures
Body Procedures
  • Secure Photo Upload(Optional):
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Privacy Infomation

Please understand this service is provided as a courtesy only and presentation of your images and any case information you provide here does not establish a doctor - patient relationship. All images and information delivered to us through this system meet privacy guidelines. To read our full privacy policy, click here.