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One of the top Orange County Mommy Make Over surgeons, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, wants all women to be informed about the breast lift and tummy tuck options available to them. He and the staff at his Newport Beach plastic surgery practice have created these pages to give you the most comprehensive review of information you need to know if you’re considering mommy make over surgery. Making an informed decision begins by finding the answers to your questions, and by reviewing before and after pictures of breast surgery and tummy tuck to see what results you can expect from Dr. Cruise and Cruise Plastic Surgery.

Please see below topics related to Mommy makeover surgery:

Finding the answers to your questions is the beginning of your cosmetic surgery journey, and Dr. Cruise takes the time to discuss and address some of the most important topics, such as:

Dr. Cruise wants to help you understand how to identify your most significant concerns with your body, and to inform you of the plastic surgery options available to address your concerns. He meets with every patient in his Newport Beach office, where you can further consult with him one on one during your Mommy make over scheduling process.

Overview of Mommy Makeover

Dr. Cruise's actual Mommy Makeover patient, Anna

Actual Mommy Makeover Patient

Having children takes a toll on every mother’s body. Although many of the changes that occur to a woman’s physique return to a pre-pregnancy state after the child is born, some of them don’t and this can leave a mother frustrated at losing the body of her youth.

Dr. Cruise in Orange County, CA understands how emotional the physical results of bearing children can be – on one hand, your child is precious and worth every sacrifice, but on the other hand, you miss the body you used to have.

He has developed a solution: a customizable Mommy Make Over that allows you to combine the right breast rejuvenation and abdominoplasty or liposuction procedures to get back – or enhance – the body you used to have.

Abdominal Changes with Pregnancy

In order to accommodate for your growing child, your abdomen stretches considerably during pregnancy. All of your organs, including your muscles and skin, are affected by this stretching, and after birth they may have trouble returning to their pre-pregnancy size.

In some women, the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy and do not re-connect afterward, which permanently weakens stomach muscles and isn’t corrected by exercise. Skin with weak  elasticity may not “snap back” to its original size, and women may be left with stretch marks or loose abdominal skin.

In order to correct these problems, some women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to rejoin stomach muscles (muscle suspension) and to remove excess skin.

Knowing that patients want pleasing visual plastic surgery results, Dr. Cruise keeps his abdominoplasty incisions as low as possible, providing each patient a very natural-looking belly button so no one will notice she’s had a Mommy make over.

Dr. Cruise, Newport Beach, illustrates muscle tightening and tummy tuck procedure in the following examples.

Rectus Muscle before and after Abdominoplasty

Diagram of separated muscles after pregnancy Muscles restored to their pre-pregnancy position
Separated Muscles after Pregnancy Muscles Restored to their
Pre-pregnancy Position

Standard Abdominoplasty
28-y-o. Loose abdominal skin after 2 children. Improved abdominal contour with standard tummy tuck, shown 5 weeks after surgery.

Mini Tummy Tuck with Umbilicus Release

39-y-o. Works out frequently, but couldn’t correct loose skin and stretch marks. She is shown three months after a mini tummy tuck.


Belly Buttons Post Tummy Tuck

Standard abdominoplasty incision around belly button Dr. Cruise's tummy tuck belly button incision
Standard way of placing an incision around the opening for the belly button. The abdominoplasty removes the skin and flattens the abdomen, but if the belly button has a scar around it, it is hard to expose it without people noticing it. Dr. Cruise has modified his way of re-creating belly buttons. It is almost impossible to tell that this patient had a tummy tuck. She can wear a bikini and no one would notice it.

Correction of Minor Sagginess with Augmentation

A mother of 2 who lost a significant amount of breast tissue, resulting in sagginess. Corrected with a breast augmentation alone.

Breast Changes with Pregnancy

Women often complain about a loss of breast volume after children. Particularly, many women are frustrated that the changing shape of their breasts throughout pregnancy and nursing results in sagginess and an ultimately unsatisfying size and shape. Breast skin stretches and can bear stretch marks as well.

Some women believe that a breast augmentation will correct this sagginess and return their breasts to a more youthful, perkier position. For women with minor sag this may be true and breast implants may be able to restore their breast position to a pre-pregnancy look.

Breast Rejuvenation with a Breast Lift

Because the loss of breast volume is often in the upper and inner part of the breast, those areas must be addressed to achieve fuller cleavage and more upright nipple position in many women. Therefore, some women consider a full breast lift as part of their Mommy makeover, depending on their particular concerns.

A breast lift is a specialized procedure that should always be performed by a plastic surgeon experienced in performing them - especially as a part of your Mommy make over. Your breast lift may have very particular requirements as it deals with specific concerns of breast tissue after having children. Make sure to take a look at breast lift before and after pictures to see what kind of results you can expect, and read Dr. Cruise’s page on Dr. Cruise’s Breast Lift Philosophy where he explains what makes his procedure predictably successful.

 “Breast lifting after child birth requires specific attention to several areas. Specifically, the upper part of the breast is often hollow and needs to be filled out. Midline cleavage needs to be enhanced to regain the youthful appearance. In addition, the hanging breast tissue needs to be elevated and converted into a youthful rounded shape that does not hang below the bottom of the breast. All this needs to be done with minimal incisions that are hard to see.” Dr. Cruise