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Excellence in Orange County Breast Lift

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise has been practicing plastic surgery in Orange County for over a decade, and he has experience with breast lifts of all types. He and his professional staff have created this resource for women in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas who are looking for all the information they need about breast lift surgery, with or without augmentation. In addition, the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery provides you with many before and after breast lift pictures, so that you can see their results for yourself.

Please see below topics related to breast lift surgery:

Whenever you are considering breast lift surgery, many concerns and questions come up. Dr. Cruise discusses in detail some of the most common topics, such as:

  • The difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation. “Will breast implants alone achieve the look I want or is a breast lift necessary?”
  • The benefits, and advantages to each type of implant. “I’ve heard about silicone, saline, gummy bear, smooth, textured, and high and low profile implants – what are the differences and which is the best breast implant for me?”
  • The difference between an anchor lift and a doughnut lift? “Which type of breast lift is right for me?”
  • Some of the potential complications and safety risks. “How long should I expect for recovery time?”
  • Cost of breast lift surgery. “How affordable is plastic surgery? Is financing available?“
  • Importance of Before and After photos. “Can I see before and after pictures of the different types of breast lifts and implants both online and at your office?”

Overview of Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Women in Orange County, like women all over the world, usually suffer the affects of one or more of the following: child birth, breast feeding, weight loss and/or weight gain, and aging. In the Laguna Beach or Newport Beach areas you may notice many women have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery to counteract changes to their breasts. Although some women choose to have breast augmentation in addition to lifting, some find that the breast lift alone is enough to make them feel better about how their breasts look.

Youthful breast tissue has more elasticity because of the stretchy connective ligaments that hold the breast in a perky, nipple-forward position. Over time, and especially after having children, these ligaments stretch, causing more mature breasts to sag. Breast lift surgery is the only permanent solution for improving shape, volume, and perkiness.

The industry term for a breast lift is a mastopexy. It includes procedures that correct a number of common complaints in aging breasts, such as

  • nipples that begin to point downward
  • loss of fullness in the upper breast
  • loss of cleavage and breast closeness
  • loss of breast volume
  • and other concerns women develop as they notice the effects of aging

Why is there a need to specialize in breast? 

Mommy Beautiful decided over a decade ago that the only way to achieve the best results in breast and body was to specialize. The most plaguing problem women complained about was the breast lift results, i.e, poor shape, significant asymmetry, bad scarring, and often breasts that are simply too large and saggy. These problems are often such a concern that it is the main reason many women do not have the procedure done. Specializing has allowed Mommy Beautiful and it medical director, Dr. Cruise, to develop the techniques and the experience to reliably avoid these issues. This is evident in our Before and After images. In short, These are Unwilling to accept these complications, Dr. Cruise has dedicated the majority of his career developing surgical techniques and a dedicated facility that minimizes or eliminates them. This specialization has led to two significant advancements 1) Breast sculpting – necessary to achieve optimal breast shape and 2) Complete muscle coverage – necessary to achieve secure implant positioning. This is explained in greater detail in Breast sculpting – Why it works.

Advantages of Complete Muscle Coverage with Breast Sculpting:

  • Enhanced ability for patients to choose their desired breast shape.
  • Improved scarring. Breast sculpting reduces incision tension which is the main cause of poor scarring.
  • Improved breast shape – more youthful and perky.
  • Improved upper breast fullness as implant is properly positioned on chest. Shape can be sloped or defined and anywhere in between.
  • Improved cleavage as outer muscles hold implant closer to mid-line.
  • Chances of implant sliding into arm pit or bottoming out greatly reduced secondary to muscle support.
  • Future breast sag much less likely as potential sag tissue is removed as part of sculpting process.
  • Implant rippling significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Less likely to feel implant through skin.
  • Enhanced muscle coverage often allows saline implants to be an equal or better option than silicone implants.
  • Likely decreased chance of capsular contracture (cc). Partial muscle coverage decreases cc. Full muscle coverage appears to decrease it even more. Research in progress.

The purpose of a breast lift with or without implants are beautiful, natural, youthful breasts with minimal scarring. Achieving this does not happen by chance. As with any activity, specialization improves results. It has allowed Mommy Beautiful to optimize every aspect of the surgical process. This includes the advanced surgical techniques that address the core problems associated with the traditional breast lift techniques. Optimal results require more than world class surgery. It requires optimal treatment at each step. In order to achieve this, Mommy Beautiful and its medical director, Joseph T. Cruise, M.D., had to create a facility dedicated to breast lifting. A facility that is considered a “go to” facility for breast lifting and breast augmentation. Going through this web site, experiencing the detail of our pre-consultation evaluation, and then seeing it applied at our state-of-the-art consultation will convince you that our reputation is deserved.

The Look I Want is amazing. First of all, it shows you what your options are. Then it allows you to choose what your preference is for virtually every aspect of your breast before you come in for consultation. Its value can not be overstated. It allows the patient to develop a clear picture of what her goals are. More importantly, it allows Dr. Cruise to clearly understand these goals. Applying your choices to our 3D imaging shows you your likely outcome. The technology, organization, and experience will help you well beyond what you thought possible. This, combined with Dr. Cruise’s extensive breast lift experience will put your mind at ease that your goals are clearly understood and that you are in the best of hands.

Finally, My Medical Guide (MMG) will allow you to see exactly what is going on at all times. MMG is our proprietary dedicated breast lift soft ware that actually allows you to preview previous patients similar to you that have already gone through the surgery and recovery. It is comforting to be able to see what you can expect. More importantly, it outlines exactly what needs to be done so that nothing is over-looked. MMG contains videos to show you proper massage, scar, and bra management techniques. The entire process is a decade in the making and has been developed to provide the best results possible.  Results that make you feel more beautiful and confident than ever.

Actual patient, Sally, mother of four with her boys after breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck.

VIDEO 1: Breast Lift Specialist Dr. Cruise

Is breast rejuvenation right for me?

Only you can answer this question. Hopefully, you will find comfort in knowing that breast sag and/or deflation occurs to virtually all women. It is part of the normal aging process, therefore, there should never be feelings of shame or embarrassment. Many women are able to manage simply with the proper bra. This is often a great option. Listening carefully to our patients experiences, several stores  have proven themselves to be the most helpful in finding that “perfect fit”. This wealth of real world feedback is invaluable and we are more than happy to share this with you.

Breast aging, however, is different than facial or body aging. Breasts are unique in that they represent more than just a body part. Hardwired into our brains, they also represent youth, sexuality and femininity. This makes “bra management” an unacceptable option to many women. Not because they are vain, but because their breast appearance does not align with how they feel. No matter how creative a bra may be, it doesn’t fix the problem at its root. A properly performed breast lift revitalizes the spirit far beyond what a bra could do. It restores breasts back to where they used to be or perhaps better even – bra optional.

The positive affects of youthful, beautiful breasts are clear. Mommy Beautiful makes it a reality.

  • Improved body proportion. Breasts are fuller and perkier, waist appears slimmer, abdomen appears longer and sexier and buttock appears curvier.
  • Improved cleavage and upper breast fullness. Low cut dresses become flattering. Going bra-less becomes a reality.
  • Enlarged, downward facing nipples now are smaller and face forward.
  • Clothes shopping becomes fun. Old blouses that were previously unwearable look better than ever.
  • Reduction in the risk of breast cancer for most women.


VIDEO 2: Physical Benefits of Breast Lift

Psychological benefits of Breast-Lift

  • Improved self confidence. Feeling sexier and confident radiates a positive energy which affects every aspect of one’s life. From relationships with husbands, children, and friends, to how you present yourself at work and in public.
  • Improved mood. Deflated, saggy breasts has a tremendous impact on a woman’s psyche. In a way, it deflates ones mood as well. Regaining perky, youthful breasts routinely restores ones mood and outlook beyond what can be explained by physical changes.
  • Enhanced self-image. Breasts are often considered the focus of female sensuality. Simply put, youthful, sexy breasts makes you feel sexy with all the positive feelings and feel-good neurotransmitters that go with it.


Breast Lift with "anchor incision" with 340 cc implant.

Dr. Cruise and his staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery individually consult with each patient in their Orange County office to determine what her specific concerns are with her breasts, and which breast lift procedure will provide the best outcome.

Change in breast positioning often causes women to be unhappy with their breasts. As women notice their breasts sagging and losing their shape and perkiness, they may speak with friends who have undergone cosmetic surgery to find out about their breast lift surgery experience and how they feel about their breasts after surgery. Dr. Cruise and the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery consider the social support of other women vital to patients’ understanding and experience with breast lift and other surgery, so they encourage outreach to their own patients, as well as those on Real

Many of our breast lift patients at Cruise Plastic Surgery choose to take the opportunity that plastic surgery provides to not only regain the look and feel their breasts had in their youth, but to enhance them beyond their previous appearance. By choosing to have breast augmentation, in addition to a breast lift, women can make their breasts larger, fuller, and more shapely than they’ve ever been, therefore experiencing a whole new look and sense of enjoyment with their breasts. Dr. Cruise provides many before and after pictures of breast lift patients with and without augmentation, so his potential patients can see exactly what results to expect from both procedures.

38 year-old woman who wanted more upper breast fullness. She obtained these results with only breast implants, and did not require an additional breast lift to correct breast asymmetry.

The lateral view of this patient demonstrates how the implant alone improved nipple position and upper breast fullness.

Some women’s breasts sag more than others and a breast augmentation alone may not address their concerns, so a formal breast lift may be necessary. If improved volume and upper fullness is desired, a breast lift with augmentation may be needed.

Because of the additional incisions that must be made to perform breast lift surgeries, one of the more significant long-term effects from breast enhancement can be visible scarring. Although scarring is not completely avoidable, Dr. Cruise has perfected some of the best techniques to minimize the size and visibility of potential breast lift scars. In his Orange County office, Dr. Cruise consults with all his patients to explain where and why they might expect to have some scarring after their surgery, making sure that each woman is able to achieve the natural looking, beautiful breasts she wants.

39 year-old mother who had a peri-areolar breast lift with 475cc implant. The incision around the areola creates minimal scarring. A lateral view of her shows significant improvement in her breast shape.

Each woman’s breasts are different, and some who are looking for maximum upper breast fullness have saggier breasts that require additional incisions during their breast lift and augmentation. Dr. Cruise uses a “lollipop” incision technique that keeps the scarring minimal and out of view. For over 10 years, his technique has helped women remain confident and worry-free when they wearing minimal to no clothing. Women residing in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and other Southern California areas, want to feel assured they can wear a bikini without visible scarring.

Peri-areolar ("donut") incision Peri-areolar incisio

Lollipop breast lift incision"Lollipop" incision.

Anchor breast lift incision"Anchor" incision.

One of the other side effects that women sometimes report after breast lift with augmentation is a decreased sensation in one or both nipples. Typically, this condition is temporary and nipple sensitivity returns to normal within 12 weeks, although sometimes it may take longer. On the other hand, some women report increased nipple sensitivity after a breast lift, which is also typically temporary and disappears over time.

Because each woman has a different level of breast sagginess, concerns for her breasts’ appearance, and personal emotions connected to the experience of plastic surgery, Dr. Cruise finds that it is invaluable to consult with each woman about her plans and desires for her breasts so that she achieves the best breast lift for her body type and her desired outcome. Practicing in  Newport Beach Orange County, Dr. Cruise has learned what women want when it comes to natural but perky, youthful looking breasts. Dr. Cruise’s “California natural” style provides some of the top breast lifts results in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and surrounding areas.