Medical Tattooing

Excellence in Medical Tattooing

Medical tattooing is an highly specialized procedure requiring not only experience but a great deal of attention to detail.

Medical tattooing minimizes the appearance of scars by correcting any areas where loss of pigment occurred, also known as “Scar Camouflage”.

Traditionally medical tattooing was known for creating 3D areolas after mastectomy surgery. However, there is a growing trend in patients undergoing standard breast or chest surgery who simply wish to have minimally visible scars and opt for medical tattooing as an efficient way to permanently camouflage scars. Patients can now have the option to have medical tattooing at Cruise Plastic Surgery to camouflage their scars and feel happier about their appearance after the treatment.

Ideal Scars for Camouflage

Hypo-pigmented scars are ideal scars for camouflage. These scars look white or lighter in color than the surrounding skin. i.e. facelift scars or around the areola or small areas from melanin loss.

3D Areola – Medical Tattooing can restore the shape of the areola when the pigment is lost in addition to creating the appearance of a 3D nipple.

Cost for Medical Tattooing

The cost for medical tattooing at Cruise Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. ranges between $350-$800. The procedure is performed in-office under local anesthesia by our highly skilled and trained practitioner.

Medical Tattooing Before/After Photos

Irregular Scarring

Irregular scaring shown on the left was corrected with medical tattooing. The picture on the right shows the result just after tattooing. Redness will fade.

Areola Reconstruction

Complete areola reconstruction was accomplished with medical tattooing.

Irregular Areola Appearance

This patient had an irregular areola appearance which was corrected with expert medical tattooing.

Post-Surgical Necrosis

On the right, the patient had previous necrosis of the right areola after gynecomastia surgery. Medical tattooing was performed to create a 3d areola.