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Chin Implant

Average Cost



7-10 days

Often performed in-office under local anesthesia unless combined with rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, Newport Beach board-certified plastic surgeon, is a chin implant and lower facial rejuvenation specialist. In his years of experience, Joseph T Cruise, MD has found that providing patients with all the information they need to make the right cosmetic surgery decisions is crucial. Browsing his gallery of chin augmentation before and after pictures will let you see real results from people who had the same concerns as you. The decision to undergo chin surgery requires some consideration about the shape of your face and the specific results you want to achieve.

Healing Progression 

Many of the patients Joseph T Cruise, MD sees at his Orange County office have the same concerns and questions about their facial rejuvenation. In these pages, Joseph T Cruise, MD addresses some of the most common patient questions, such as:

  • How do I know if I need a chin implant?
    How far should my chin project? What size or type of chin implant do I need?
  • What type of chin implant is best?
    What is the difference between an anatomic chin implant and a square jaw chin implant?
  • What about the chin surgery incisions?
    What is the difference between incisions made below the chin and those made in the mouth? What kind of scarring can I expect?
  • What are possible risks or complications?
    What are some of the safety measures? What are some potential concerns?
  • What can I expect during recovery from a chin implant?
    How long do patients take off work? What sort of swelling or bruising is normal? What should I do if I have concerns?
  • How affordable is chin implant surgery?
    What sort of financing is available?

Overview of Chin Implant

People judge one another on their facial features. If one part of the face is out of proportion or not as finely formed as other parts, it can cause concerns about facial appearance. A chin that does not project proportionately to a person’s nose – a recessed chin – is known as a “weak” chin. Joseph T Cruise, MD, Orange County plastic surgeon, has seen hundreds of patients with concerns about the shape of their chin, and has helped them with choosing the right chin implant for their face shape.

Animated Chin Augmentation
Scroll over the image to see the effects of chin implant on recessed chin.

Chins that are described as “weak” can leave a person dissatisfied about the proportion of their facial features. Whether you are looking for only a chin implant, or to adjust several facial features with additional procedures such as a face lift or rhinoplasty, you can discuss your options with Joseph T Cruise, MD during your personal consultation. Together you will be able to figure out which chin implant and other facial rejuvenation procedures are right for you.

Chin Incision - male - from below

Example of Chin Incision. Larger Implants require an incision below the chin. Some implants can be inserted through the mouth without a visible incision.

Chin Implant Incisions

Chin augmentation is a routine procedure that Joseph T Cruise, MD has performed many times for patients in his Newport Beach . The results are very predictable, the surgery produces highly effective outcomes, and it requires very little recovery time.

A silicone chin implant is inserted through a small incision in the mouth and down onto the top of the chin. Implants can also be inserted through a small incision below the chin if the patient is also interested in having a neck lift procedure completed or simply if the chin implant is too large to go through the mouth. If you need a larger chin implant an incision under the chin may be the best method to insert it. You can discuss the types and placement of incisions at your consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD, in his Orange County office.

Types of chin implants

Most chin implants are silicone, but some are made from polyethylene or other materials. Joseph T Cruise, MD, Newport Beach plastic surgeon, uses silicone implants exclusively, because of their soft, firm texture that is ideal for facial rejuvenation. He uses a precise placement procedure that still allows for adjustment of the implant in the future if necessary.

Chin implants come in different shapes. The three most common are:

  • 1. Anatomic Chin Implant
  • 2. Extended Anatomic Chin Implant
  • 3. Mild Square Jaw Implant

Central Anatomic Chin Implant - anatomic view

Central Anatomic Chin Implant. Useful for enhancing chin projection and creating more elegant, triangular facial appearance.

The Central Anatomic Chin Implant

The Central Anatomic Chin Implant projects the central chin and enhances the triangular, ideal look of a person’s face. Its small size makes it easy to insert through incisions in a patient’s mouth, and patients typically swell very little during recovery.

Extended Anatomic Chin Implant - anatomic view

Extended Anatomic Chin Implant. Useful for enhancing chin projection and creating a more defined jaw line as well as more triangular appearance to the face.

The Extended Anatomic Chin Implant

An Extended Anatomic Chin Implant is similar to a central implant, but has extensions along the jaw line. This implant fills a person’s jaw line and widens and projects a person’s chin. The reshaping of the jaw line helps patients achieve the triangular, elegant facial shape many people desire.

Square Jaw Chin Implant - Anatomic view

Square Jaw Chin Implant. Useful for creating a more masculine, authoritative chin in addition to enhancing chin projection.

The Mild Square Jaw Chin Implant

The Square Jaw Chin Implant has an extension up the jaw line that is wide and creates a squared look to a person’s chin. Square jaws are often considered the ideal male jaw line, and are interpreted as authoritative and powerful.

Many people find the results of their chin implant satisfy the concerns they had with the proportion of their facial features. Chin augmentation can significantly affect the contour and profile of a person’s face by balancing proportion with a person’s nose. Joseph T Cruise, MD’s before and after chin implant photos show the changes to his patient’s faces, both from the front and side views, so you can see the dramatic difference.

Results of Chin Implant

Some people experience a condition called “retrognathia” where their jaw is recessed. In this case, the surgery required to correct the condition is more extensive than the plastic surgery Joseph T Cruise, MD performs. Discuss your condition at your consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD to determine whether a chin implant will address your concerns, or if you require medical surgical procedures.

For a more dramatic enhancement, patients often discuss their options for neck lift in addition to chin augmentation.

In Orange County, CA, one of the best plastic surgeons - with impeccable credentials, extensive experience, and a number of testimonials that speak to his results - Dr. Joseph T. Cruise works with patients who are looking for the best service and outcomes from their cosmetic surgery. His extensive gallery of before and after pictures of chin implants lets you see for yourself the results his patients achieve after chin surgery.

As a facial rejuvenation specialist, including chin augmentation and other lower face rejuvenation procedures, Joseph T Cruise, MD knows what procedures work to help patients achieve the look they want. Because each face is different, he meets with each patient in his Newport Beach location in order to properly address the concerns and needs of each to help them truly make the changes they want and have the face they desire.