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Dr. Joseph T. Cruise is an experienced face lift surgeon serving patients in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas of Orange County. He and his staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery have created the following content to educate patients about the specifics of face lift procedures, recovery, and potential complications. You can also browse the extensive gallery of before and after face lift photos to see examples of Dr. Cruise’s work.

Dr. Cruise believes that a facelift needs to be individualized to a patient’s face. If you’re looking for a personalized solution for your concerns, learn more about Dr. Cruise’s CustomLift® face lift.

Many important topics are discussed, and you will find answers to some of the most common questions and concerns patients have about the face lift, including:

    • What are the different procedures?
      What is a mini face lift, lifestyle lift, quick lift or a SMAS face lift?
    • What results does a face lift achieve?
      Does lifting correct jowls, loose skin, or a saggy neck? What are the limitations?
    • Do I need a facelift or a neck lift or both?
      Find out when one procedure is better than the other.
    • Face lift before and after pictures
      See the results of people with concerns similar to yours.
    • Complications, risks and recovery information, and safety concerns
      What should I be concerned about with a face lift?
    • Facelift cost
      How affordable is face lift? Is financing available?

The purpose of these pages is to provide you a wealth of information about various face lift techniques to help you determine which specific procedure will achieve the results you desire. The custom face lift section outlines the specific effects of a number of procedures including:

Overview of Face Lift

For years, the face lift has provided benefits such as a more youthful appearance and increased confidence. Many people think that face lift procedures simply tighten facial skin, and this was true up until about 10 years ago. However, results of new research and progressive technological innovations have given plastic surgeons such as Dr. Cruise in Orange County a greater understanding of the causes of facial aging and better procedures to combat it.

Diagram of a youthful face

Youthful facial skin has greater fullness because of facial fat, and more elasticity because of supportive stretchy ligaments that help hold facial tissue in place. Loss of both of these over time contributes to looser, saggier skin that causes many people to consider plastic surgery to reverse these aging effects. Full facial rejuvenation results in pleasing, natural looking results when all aspects of facial aging have been corrected.

Located in Newport Beach, Dr. Cruise delivers very natural, refreshed facelift results. His before and after pictures show provide examples of how his patients look refreshed and not overdone or “wind-swept."

Diagram of an aging face

Aging Face

Tightening skin alone is not enough to correct all the potential causes of facial aging, such as saggy skin, crow’s feet, dropping eyes, and other concerns that cause people to wonder if plastic surgery may be right for them. Because over time facial tissue loses its elasticity and facial fat either dissipates or descends, many people find that simply tightening skin is only a temporary solution, and later they choose to have additional cosmetic surgery to achieve the full results they desire from a face lift.

Youthful face with cheek fat just below the eyes

A simple and extreme explanation to demonstrate the importance of facial fat for a youthful, wrinkle free face is to compare the chubby, rotund cheeks of a baby with the looser, thinner cheeks of a more mature face. Skin care such as dermabrasion and chemical peel is part of the solution, but with fat transfer, you can reclaim the smooth, full facial features you enjoyed in your youth.


Aging face with cheek fat descending to mouth area

Aging Face


When facial fat descends out of the cheek and into the area around the lips it not only affects the fullness of a person’s face, but can make their eyes look hollow and gaunt, and create jowls at their jaw line. When this occurs, some patients are interested in how a neck lift can extend the youthful look and feel to all parts of their neck, addressing all the concerns caused by aging.

Superior Face and Neck Lift Technique

Dr. Cruise consults with each patient individually in his Newport Beach, Orange County office to help them determine which procedure is most suitable, based on what results they desire. If there is a particular area of your neck or face that you are most concerned with, Dr. Cruise will discuss how your face lift can be tailored to address your primary concerns.

Dr. Cruise has perfected the best techniques of face and neck lift procedures, which address all causes of facial aging. Instead of simply tightening facial skin, he elevates facial fat back to the cheek area where it provides the most volume and counteracts wrinkles. This technique has a three-fold effect:

  • It helps to reduce the prominent upper lip/cheek fold, creating a fuller and more youthful cheek area
  • It helps to fill out the area around the eyes, eliminating wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines
  • It helps to create pleasing facial proportions by defining the mandibular border (the jaw line), giving the face an elegant triangular shape.

A youthful face will be quickly revealed at the hands of a skillful plastic surgeon, if the person’s neck shows signs of aging, but the face doesn’t. Using the most advanced neck lift techniques, Dr. Cruise has developed a unique suture suspension procedure to elevate the neck tissues; this creates a dramatic tightening of loose skin, and eliminates the common complaint of banding under the chin.

Dr. Cruise understands that patients do not want to look “operated on,” and this is a key consideration of his when performing any type of cosmetic surgery. He is conscious to ensure that any scarring is minimal, all results are natural looking, and that his patients recover from their face lift procedures as quickly and easily as possible. His staff excels at aiding patients through their recovery process, and the Cruise Plastic Surgery unique Cosmetic Surgery Friends (CSF) network provides his patients a one-of-a-kind social support system where they can discuss their concerns and experiences with other patients who have undergone the same surgical procedures. Patients can also utilize this network to contact Dr. Cruise or the staff 24 hrs per day for any questions or concerns.

Face Lift Videos:

What "Cosmetic Surgery Friends" Provides Patients

The Results You Desire

In order to achieve the best results from your facelift surgery, Dr. Cruise and his dedicated patient care coordinators meet personally with each patient to discuss exactly what bothers them and what they are trying to achieve with their face lift. The staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery provides every patient with invaluable information at this consultation, ensuring that each person’s specific concerns are addressed. Specialized software allows each patient to select areas of concern and watch a representation of how a procedure addresses them.

Access to the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff anytime. Dr. Cruise and his staff believe that after a surgery procedure is when you need support most. The Cosmetic Surgery Friends network provides facelift patients a unique customer service experience, providing them with Dr. Cruise’s personal phone number and a secure text app through which all patients can quickly and easily connect with staff members. If you have concerns that can’t be explained easily over the phone, the CSF app allows you to send pictures securely, so that your concerns are always understood and addressed accurately. Information you send over the CSF app can be securely saved in your chart at Dr. Cruise’s Orange County office location, so no matter which staff member helps you, all other staff members will be aware of the situation.

Instructions for Recovery Care on Your Phone

In order to provide the most convenient care possible, Dr. Cruise has developed the CSF app to give you 24/7 access to your personal instructions for recovery care, as well as informational videos. Your phone provides you instant access to all the Cruise Plastic Surgery information available, including a clear to-do list and directions for the day of your surgery, information about prescriptions and alternative medicines, products that can assist with recovery from your cosmetic surgery, and more.

Manage Appointments and Enjoy a Unique Social Support System

Keeping with 21st century technology and convenience, the CSF system allows patients to access all their appointment information using their phone. Before your face and neck lift surgery, CSF counts down the days for you, and afterward you receive social support unlike anywhere else. Whether you’re in Orange County or traveling, CSF provides you an instant connection to a wide network of other Cruise Plastic Surgery patients who are undergoing face lift surgery in the same time frame as you, allowing you to connect and communicate with other patients about your experience, your concerns, and your recovery process.

Understanding the Healing Process

Dr. Cruise has found that when patients have access to pictures they better understand the healing process and what to expect. The CSF app provides patients with a wealth of information about the healing process after face lift, and hundreds of photos, including those showing typical swelling and bruising that some patients experience. This allows patients to assess whether the effects they are experiencing after their face or neck lift are typical, and they can quickly discuss any concerns with a staff member at Cruise Plastic Surgery.

Every person’s face is different, and in order to see the dramatic results for yourself, Dr. Cruise has provided many before and after photos of face lift and neck lift patients. Most patients report they look and feel 10 to 20 years younger, which greatly impacts their state of mind and their quality of life.

Because the aging process never stops, some face lift patients feel it is necessary in the future to continue with additional minor cosmetic surgery procedures such as a brow lift, temple lift, or other facial rejuvenation to support their face lift. Regardless of your reason for seeking a face lift, Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph T. Cruise and his dedicated support staff, are ready to help you achieve the face lift results you desire.