Addressing Family Friends

Addressing Family and Friends

So now that you have decided to make the trip to have your procedure done you will need to make the decision who, if anyone, do you tell. Do you want to keep it confidential or will your main support systems (work, friends and family) be aware that you will be traveling to have your procedure? Either way, we can help you in preparing your main support systems and/or securing the privacy of your transformation. So who do you tell and what is the best way to inform them of what you will be going through? It is important that you have at least one person in your life that is on board and can be supportive, even if you want your procedure to remain private. This will help you to receive the help you may need while you are away and for when you get home.


If you are going to be sharing with the main support systems in your life that you will be traveling to have your procedure, you will want to make sure that they feel that you will be safe and taken care of. In addition, it is important that you let them know what they can do for you at home to make things easier for you while you are away and for when you get back.


  1. It is important to have this person be supportive of your decision and willing to help you through this process. If this person has questions or concerns please feel free to have them email or call us so that we can put their mind at ease; better yet, have them come to the pre-op exam. By allowing them to be more involved they will share in the excitement and be more supportive.
  2. Be sure to share how important it is to you to have this procedure done. Often, they are not aware of how much your self confidence has been affected. They will tell you how good you look and how you don’t need anything done. They do not realize that you are not doing it for them or anyone else; you are doing it for yourself.
  3. Having plastic surgery is a truly life changing experience and will have an amazing positive effect on your self esteem and disposition, both of which will only enhance your intimate relations and overall connection with your loved ones.
  4. If your significant other cannot travel with you to have your procedure done, then we can talk with them over the phone to help answer any questions they may have, in addition will can contact them on your day of surgery to let them know how things went.


  1. Whether adult or young, our main concern is always for our children, so of course you will want to inform them in the best way possible. If you have young children at home, just simply explain that you will be away on a vacation or going away to work. There is no need to go into complete detail if they will fully not be able to grasp the concept.
  2. If you still have signs of healing upon returning home, then any of the fun excuses in the confidential section of this page can be useful.
  3. On the opposite end, adult children many times do not want their parent to have a cosmetic procedure done at all. They will state that mom/dad is fine just the way they are. It is helpful to explain to them how having this procedure is something that you have been wanting to do for you. If you frame it in this way, usually an adult child cannot argue with their parent finally doing something for themselves instead of always taking care of others. Directing them to our web site will also be helpful as it is filled with detailed educational information and they will find that most of their questions will be answered there.

Sally with her sons on the beach after surgery

Actual Mommy Makeover patient with her sons in Laguna Beach.


You will find most often that your close friends will be your biggest support and can be the most helpful for when you are away.

  1. If you live alone, they can be helpful with needed errands/chores that will require attention while you are away… (Feeding animals, taking care of mail, watering plants).
  2. If you have a family, then ask them to help out with the children which will help with easing the care load for your partner/spouse. Your close friends will want to be able to help, so make sure to let them know what they can do.


The most important element in regards to your work is being able to get the required amount of time off. You can choose to keep your surgery confidential or inform them that you will be having a medical procedure done.

  1. We can provide you with a doctor’s note for the amount of time you will need to be off of work. You can also check out the confidential section for the most common excuses to use if you want to keep your surgery private.
  2. We suggest delegating someone you trust at work to take care of your work related issues while you are away. They can help organize your work space, so that any messages, memos or projects can be organized for your return so that you will be able to jump right back into the swing of things without feeling overwhelmed.


If you want to keep your surgery private, we can help you in maintaining confidentiality. We do, however, recommend that you tell at least one person so that they can be a main contact for you while you are away. In addition, we can update the designated “person in the know” about how your procedure went.


The most common explanation one uses when they are having surgery is simply that they hurt themselves on vacation. That way when you return if you still have signs of healing from your recovery, a simple explanation of a fall or hurting your back usually does the trick.


You will most likely have a compression garment that you will need to wear, which is similar to what one needs to wear when they injure their back.


The main healing signs you will have will be slight bruising and swelling, we will instruct you on the best way to minimize bruising through the use of Arnica and the avoidance of blood thinning products. We also carry a great line of coverage make up. Oxygenetix literally helps to erase any signs of bruising and discoloration. Many of our patients like it so much that they continue with the foundation after the recovery.


It is best to take all the necessary steps that you would if you were leaving for a vacation. Try to think ahead and do as much as you can before you leave so that you will not be overwhelmed when you return home.

  1. Arrange for mail/newspaper to be collected and plants watered.
  2. Arrange care for your animals and loved ones
  3. Set up an out of town reply for your email
  4. Take care of all bills ahead of time so that you will not come home to a huge stack of TO DO tasks
  5. Arrange to have your house be cleaned so that you can return to a clean home.
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