Returning Home

Returning Home

After staying the required or recommended amount of time in Orange County, it will be time for you to prepare to travel home. The most important thing we want you to know is that we will always be here for you. Upon your return home, we recommended you continue to relax so you can expedite your recovery.

Before you leave, you may want to preparing things to ensure you will have a peaceful and organized environment when you get back home. To assist you in your preparation, we have created the following tips/suggestions.

  1. Your last post op appointment with Joseph T Cruise, MD will have taken place and all your questions are answered. You should feel confident in caring for yourself at home.
  2. Pack up your belongings.
  3. Take a last few moments to enjoy the area.
  4. Stop by Fashion Island to pick up any mementos or gifts to bring home.
  5. We will help to arrange transportation back to the airport.
  6. Once you are onboard your flight, it is important to remember to walk around every 2 hours to avoid blood clots.
  7. Once home, continue to relax to ensure the best healing outcome.
  8. We will be in touch with you upon your arrival home to ensure you are well. .
  9. For any of your questions, you may arrange a telephone or virtual post operative conference call with Joseph T Cruise, MD, so that he can personally address any concerns you may have.
  10. Now that you will be part of our plastic surgery family, we will continue to stay in touch and update you via our newsletters and emails about happenings within our office and the aesthetic industry.
  11. Please keep in mind, even though you are not physically close to the office, we will always be here to assist you with whatever you need.

Patient Testimonial

"I am happy to have found Joseph T Cruise, MD as my surgeon. it's been so many years since I wanted to get somethings off my chest! finally, flew to California from Canada and within a week had the consultation & procedure done. I already feel better wearing a shirt. there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I look forward to see the final results in the 6 months or so to come. Thanks to Joseph T Cruise, MD's perfectionism and his genuine interest in helping men like me, I feel like having a new life. His kind office assistants (Cristin), the members at NB center for surgery and excellent anesthesiologist, plus the over night stay at Aura, they all made it possible for an international patient such as me to get the best medical treatment. this is my day 3 after the surgery."

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