When considering a plastic surgery procedure, choosing a top-rated, qualified, and experienced surgeon is the most important part of the process. Many people want their procedure to be performed by the best-of-the-best, regardless of location. For that reason, Dr. Cruise helps patients from all over the United States and throughout the world achieve their aesthetic goals.

Making the decision to travel for a plastic surgery procedure creates new questions as to how to coordinate all of the details from afar.

The top five questions commonly asked about traveling for plastic surgery include:

Is Traveling for Plastic Surgery Common?

Traveling for surgery, known as “medical tourism,” is becoming more and more popular. An increasing number of patients are even traveling abroad to receive procedures from their top-choice doctor. Cruise Plastic Surgery serves patients from all around the globe. Dr. Cruise has performed surgery on patients coming from places such as Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, London,  Sydney, Montreal, Vancouver, and New York, just to name a few.

Can I Schedule a Virtual Consultation?

Out-of-town patients have the option of a virtual consultation with Dr. Cruise via a Zoom call. By using the “Fast Track” virtual consultation photos can be submitted along with other requested information which will first be reviewed by one of Dr. Cruise’s patient coordinators. You will then be contacted to schedule a date/time for a virtual consultation. Dr. Cruise will review all of the information and photos in advance of your appointment. On the call, Dr. CRuise will get to know you better to find out more about your aesthetic concerns and what you want to achieve through surgery. He will then provide his recommendations and your patient coordinator will provide you with a quote and discuss the next steps.

How to Prepare When Traveling for Plastic Surgery

Before you travel for plastic surgery, you will need to arrange the following:

  • Choosing a date for your procedure
  • Booking travel arrangements (flights, etc.)
  • Handling payment and reviewing financing options
  • Getting pre-operative clearance (labs, etc.)
  • Understanding your pre/post operative instructions
  • Taking time off work
  • Arranging to have someone travel with you if you want a companion with you

Dr. Cruise’s staff can help you with these steps and will arrange an appointment to meet with Dr. Cruise before your surgery day.

When Can I Fly After Plastic Surgery?

The type of procedure will dictate when you can travel back home.  For breast augmentation and minor gynecomastia, it could be as early as just a couple of days post-surgery. For mommy makeovers, it may be 10 days as there is a risk of blood clots in the legs.

Where Can I Stay if I Travel for Surgery?

After surgery, it is recommended to stay in the Orange County area. Patients are seen by Dr. Cruise the next day after surgery for the first post-op visit. They type of procedure you have will determine if you will be required to stay overnight at a recovery facility such as the luxurious  Laguna Village Recovery Center, or if you can stay at a hotel or vacation rental.

Dr. Cruise has made a list of activities and entertainment in the area that patients and/or anyone traveling with them can enjoy as they heal from their procedure. Find his recommendations here.