Breast Augmentation is the Number One Procedure Performed in 2013


Orange County Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation on the Rise

In a yearly statistical report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (, findings once again show breast augmentation is the number one procedure performed in the United States.

The report shows there were 290,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed in 2013, which is a 1% percent increases over 2013 and a 37% increase since 2000.

Joseph T Cruise, MD has been seeing a steady increase in the demand for breast augmentation at his practice in Orange County, Cruise Plastic Surgery. He believes the increase he is seeing can be attributed to several factors.

Online Resources are Drawing More People to the Office

With their being a wealth of information now available on the Internet, patients can do much of their research privately, before deciding to meet with a plastic surgeon. Prior to the movement on-line, patients may have been too nervous, shy, or embarrassed to actually go into a plastic surgeons office to gather information. This may have kept a great deal of women from pursing breast augmentation. Now they can find out just about everything they need to know on the Internet, which may make them feel comfortable to take the next step.

Joseph T Cruise, MD also believes that since the silicone scare has come and gone, women feel more at ease about having breast implants. They also now have more options in terms of the type of implants available. Not only can they choose between saline and silicone, but they can also select various sizes, profiles and shapes. In addition, breast implants come with a warranty, which is another layer of comfort and security.

Another reason Joseph T Cruise, MD has seen a dramatic incline with breast augmentation at his practice is because he also uses implants in most of his breast lift and breast reduction cases. As a breast specialist, Joseph T Cruise, MD performs over a hundred procedures each year with most of his patients receiving augmentation.

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