Cost of Brow Lift and Temple Lift

Cost of Brow Lift and Temple Lift

Many people who are considering a brow lift or temple lift as part of their facial rejuvenation may be curious about the cost of the procedures. While financial concerns may be one factor of your decision to have cosmetic surgery, it is not the only important factor that creates its value. Board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, and all the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery, believe that cosmetic surgery procedures change lives by providing benefits beyond what the eye can see.

After a brow lift procedure, many patients report an improvement not only in the way they look, but in their general outlook as well. A fresh, rejuvenated appearance with wide, bright eyes makes people feel younger, and can improve their self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Joseph T Cruise, MD customizes his approach so that each patient addresses the facial effects of aging that most concern them, and achieves the facial rejuvenation results they want.

Quality vs. Value

While cost may be a consideration when you’re determining who the best plastic surgeon is to perform your temple lift or brow lift, it should not be the only factor that influences your decision. In order to get the right information to select your cosmetic surgeon, consider looking 3 types of information about the surgeon:

  1. Find out about the surgeon’s background, history, experience, training, and credentials. (About Joseph T Cruise, MD)

  2. Find out what the brow lift surgeon’s previous patients say about their experience. (Joseph T Cruise, MD’s brow lift testimonials)

  3. Find out what the surgeon’s patients look like before and after their procedure. (Joseph T Cruise, MD’s brow lift before and after photo gallery)

While price may be a determining factor in your cosmetic surgery, it can be dangerous to lower the quality of the surgeon or facilities you choose. An unskilled surgeon’s technique may not be developed, their experience may not be extensive, their results may not be long-term. Joseph T Cruise, MD provides the highest value of facial rejuvenation procedures because his brow lift surgeries safely provide patients with consistent results that address patient concerns, with minimal recovery complications.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Joseph T Cruise, MD takes a unique, customized approach to facial rejuvenation, allowing patients to have multiple procedures that work together to address their underlying causes of aged appearance. Often, brow lift or temple lift are performed in conjunction with an upper eyelid surgery (a.k.a. “blepharoplasty”). The extent of the lift and whether or not other procedures are performed at the same time affects your brow lift cost.

On average, the brow lift or temple lift cost totals between $2,500 and $5,000. This price range includes standard surgery fees such as the cost of anesthesiology services, the surgeon and facility fees, and your follow-up visits after surgery. At your pre-surgery consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss with Joseph T Cruise, MD your desired results and largest concerns for your facial rejuvenation, and you will receive a detailed, customized estimate of the cost of your brow lift.

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