Brow Lift Changes Desired

What Do You Want to Change?


It is important that you have a clear idea of what you want changed when you go for a brow lift or temple lift consultation. Most plastic surgeons don't want to hear "What do you think I need done?" It's crucial you are prepared to discuss why you are considering cosmetic surgery. Your plastic surgeon will then let you know what his/her recommendations are to meet your desire goals.
Take a look in a mirror and identify what bothers you. Be specific. It is helpful to break up the forehead region into 4 parts.

1) Forehead

2) Lateral (outside) Brow

3) Medial (inside) Brow

4) Upper Eyelid.

Evaluate each one of these areas individually as this is what the plastic surgeon will do in his/her exam.

Common Complaints

  • Forehead: Wrinkles (especially with animation)
  • Lateral Brow: Droopy
  • Medial Brow: Droopy, wrinkles between the brows
  • Upper Eyelid: Droopy, excess skin, excess fat
  • Forehead
    • Smooth; few wrinkles with animation and no wrinkles at rest
  • Lateral Brow
    • The lateral brow should be 2-3 mm higher than the medial brow in women and at least the same height or higher in men.
    • There should be no crow's feet at rest and only a minimal amount with animation.
  • Medial Brow
    • Should be higher than the bony rim that surrounds the eye.
    • The bridge of the nose should be smooth.