Traveling for Surgery

Begin here to learn more about Cruise Plastic Surgery’s out-of-town plastic surgery process and the right things to look for in choosing your plastic surgeon. Our practice welcomes people from all over the United States and the World, so we strive to provide a detailed guide with all the steps involved to ensure you have a safe and successful trip here in beautiful Southern California. Our staff is also always available to help you with the planning of your trip, so don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.

When considering plastic surgery, it is indisputable that the most important decision is choosing an experienced highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon. This is why people seek out Joseph T Cruise, MD from across the globe. The next most important decision is making sure that the plastic surgery office staff is world class as well. At Cruise Plastic Surgery, we realize this and our highly skilled staff are prepared to make your plastic surgery experience just that. This includes everything from the moment you begin educating yourself on our web site until you have completely healed and beyond.

For flight and hotel information, please visit our travel arrangements page.

Virtual Consultation

Once you have made the decision to consult with Joseph T Cruise, MD about your procedure of interest, there are two options available for those who reside out of the area. The first is to travel to his Newport Beach, CA. office for a face to face evaluation. The more popular option is to schedule a virtual consultation via Skype, Go To Meeting, or phone. For those who want to expedite the process, we offer our 'Fast Track' virtual consultation which allows you to submit your photos, along with other pertinent information. With this option, online consultations can usually take place within 48 hours.

Preparing for Surgery

There can be a lot to handle before your surgery date, so we will guide you through the process of picking the best date for your procedure, booking travel arrangements, handling payment, achieving clearance, understanding pre-operative instructions, required stay, and meeting with Joseph T Cruise, MD before your surgery day. Our patient coordinators will take you through every step but here’s what you can expect.

Overnight Stay Requirements

If your procedure requires general anesthesia, we require you to be under the care of a close friend or family member for a minimum of 24 hours after surgery. This can vary depending on the procedure. If this can’t be arranged, we offer the option for you to reserve a stay at a luxurious overnight recovery facility in Laguna Beach.

Plastic Surgery and Relationships

Plastic surgery can sometimes come with a stigma that can affect the relationships around you. If you are traveling for surgery, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who you can tell that will be supportive of your journey. Whether you want to keep the procedure you had private or don't have someone available to be with you, we provide our patients with tips to navigate the emotional side of things.

Surgery Day

For some, the surgery process or surgery itself can cause a lot of stress or anxiety. Traveling to an unfamiliar place can also cause further worry. All of these feelings are completely normal and to be expected, however, it is our job to ensure we alleviate as many of these triggers as possible. Here is a step-by-step guide for what to expect the night before and the day of your surgery.

After Surgery

Your recovery is a crucial part of a successful plastic surgery experience, so it’s vital to understand post-operation instructions, what to expect during the healing process, when/how your post-op visits will take place and when you can travel back home. This guide will educate you a bit more so you can properly plan and prepare.

Enjoying Orange County

Orange County is a beautiful place to visit, so we want you to enjoy it just as much as possible too. Whether before or after your surgery, we provide our out-of-town patients with a list of favorite things to do and places to eat while visiting. We can even recommend the right attractions and entertainment for your recovery, so you can take advantage of your time here.