Overnight Stay

What Accommodations are Necessary for Recovery?

Dr. Cruise requires all his patients undergoing general anesthesia have someone accompany them for 24 hours after surgery. For this reason, patients who have no one with them must stay, at a minimum, one night at our luxurious over night recovery facility. Dr. Cruise will call you in the evening of your first night to make sure you are well.

It is ideal to have someone accompany you to surgery, to be sure you plans run smoothly. Often this is a spouse, family member, or friend. Routinely however this is not possible, so we have developed packages for both scenearios to make sure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. Both scenarios have their recovery requirements.

It is very common for people from all over the world to travel for plastic surgery to Newport Beach, California. Most experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, like Dr. Cruise, are familiar with out of state patient needs.

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