Brow Lift Dr Cruises Philosophy

Joseph T Cruise, MD's Brow Lift Philosophy

Aging affects the eyebrows more than other parts of the face. ItDrCruise creates an old and tired appearance to the upper eye region. Often, patients come to me requesting upper eyelid cosmetic surgery when what they really need is a brow lift. I think the above test that elevates the lateral part of your eyebrow is an excellent test to determine if you would benefit from a brow lift.

The reality is, most people by their early 40s could benefit from a brow lift. I find it especially effective to elevate the lateral brow. This has multiple positive effects. It provides a more youthful, elegant look to the upper eyelid region and gives the face a brighter appearance. It also effectively improves the wrinkles in the crow's feet area.

As mentioned in the overview section above, I routinely do brow lifts several different ways depending on what the patient needs. I do not feel it is necessary to make long incisions. In fact, over 98 per cent of my brow lifts are done with incisions about an inch and a half long within the hairline.

If I am performing an upper blepharoplasty, I find it most effective to perform a concurrent brow lift at the same time through the same incision. The brow lift obtained is not as dramatic as one done through an incision above the eyebrow but it is very effective in elevating the tissues that have over time fallen into the upper eyelid. It is a way of improving the results of a cosmetic upper eyelid surgery without making any new incisions.