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Why Choose Natrelle® Inspira Silicone Breast Implants

Allergan is one of four breast implant manufacturers in the United States today, and arguably the most widely used by plastic surgeons. One of their newer implant types is called Natrelle® Inspira. It is different than regular Natrelle breast implants, because it has a higher fill ratio. If you place two implants of the same size, one Inspira and one regular Natrelle, next to one another you would see that the Inspira appears fuller and has less wrinkling or rippling.

Dr. Cruise is performing a large number of breast augmentations using Natrelle Inspira breast implants at his practice in Newport Beach, CA. The higher fill ratio provides more structure and uniformity compared to traditional silicone implants. “My patients are really happy with look and feel of the Natrella Inspira breast implants. The shape is very attractive,” mentions Dr. Cruise. Women lacking upper breast fullness are typically ideal candidates for the Inspira implant. And, for those with very little breast tissue, the high fill ratio decreases the possible of visible rippling. Dr. Cruise used to use saline breast implants quite often with patients who had significant breast tissue, because the firmness and structure helped contain the breast tissue resulting in a better result. Now with Inspira implants having a higher fill ratio, they are becoming a go to option as well.

Natrelle Inspira Breast Implants

Other advantages of the Insipira line of breast implants include a larger variety of sizes and shapes, and it also comes in a cohesive gel. For those who need a textured implant, this is an option as well. If you are interested in learning more about Natrelle breast implants, contact Cruise Plastic Surgery 949.644.4808 or

Natrelle Inspira Breast Implants