It is always sad when we hear of a well-known person who has passed away. Without realizing it, we allow our favorite entertainers into our family room and bedrooms; our private spaces. The ones we really like have spent hours upon hours with us. Whether they have made us laugh, cry, angry, ponder, or amp’d us up with adrenaline, we have become connected with them in a strange sort of way. We often look to these celebrities to entertain us when we need it most. 

Sadly, the news of Joan Rivers passing on means we can longer share our private spaces with her. No more laughs and giggles or “did she really just say that?!” Nobody can deny she had one of the most vibrant, witty and direct personalities of any celebrity. She was truly one of the most memorable female comediennes of our time. 

It’s no secret Joan Rivers was a huge fan of plastic surgery. In fact, some gave her the title “Hollywood’s Queen of Plastic Surgery.” Unlike most celebrities, she made no attempt to hide the plastic surgery she had done, which may have included breast implants, liposuction, facelift, brow lift or temple lift, rhinoplasty, facial implants and/or filler, and Botox. 

The debate will go on and on about whether or not Joan Rivers went too far with her plastic surgery procedures. What we commend her for is not being afraid to own what she has done and to make no excuses for it.  Her life philosophy was simple: in the appearance-centric society of the twenty-first century, beauty is key — especially where men are concerned. We would add this is true in society as a whole and equally pertains to the work place. Right or wrong, we would be fooling ourselves if we really thought this wasn’t the case. And it may not be the case with every man, every job, or in every society around the globe, but it is something that does exist. Joan Rivers had a very straight forward opinion on plastic surgery; if it makes you feel better, than do it. It’s between you and the mirror. 

Often times people considering plastic surgery are nervous about what other people are going to think or say, if they find out they had work done. They worry about being judged or criticized. The only thing that should matter is how you are going to feel. Are you going to feel better when you look in the mirror? Most patients who have cosmetic surgery want to improve a feature that has really been bothering them. After surgery, they are happier, more confident and social, and tend to have a better outlook on life. In fact, for some patients their relationships have improved tremendously. The list goes on and on when it comes to all of the positive ways plastic surgery can impact someone’s life.

We know Joan would agree!