Benefits of Lower Eyelid Surgery


There are many benefits to lower eyelid rejuvenation surgery. The key is to determine exactly what the problem is.

Example of how elevating the lateral canthus in addition to lower blepharoplasty can create an attractive, almond-shape appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery benefits

    • Tightens and smoothes out bags underneath the eyes.
    • Repositions lower eyelids into a more elegant, almond-shaped appearance.
    • Repositions underlying fat to get rid of the sunken, aged appearance.
    • Repositions skin and underlying muscles to smooth out wrinkles.
    • Markedly fills out the deep crease known as the tear-trough between the eye and nose.
    • Eliminates circles underneath the eyes.
    • Improves dark discoloration within the lower eyelid.
    • Improves fine wrinkles.