Dr Cruises Philosophy

Joseph T Cruise, MD's Blepharoplsty Philosophy



Plastic surgery has made significant progress in the m-btn-DrCruiseunderstanding and treatment of eyelid rejuvenation. Personally, I have studied the peri-ocular region at length trying to understand how the various components effect the eyes appearance. It has taught me that lower eyelid surgery is much more than just skin tightening.

Each component (skin, fat, muscle, and bone) each have a significant contribution to the eyes appearance and, therefore, must be evaluated individually. Skin can be removed; muscles can be elevated and tightened; fat can be added, removed, or resuspended; and bone can be augmented. It all depends on what the patients wants and what is causing the problem.

I find it very satisfying to be able to address the various causes that create an aged appearance to the eye. Instead of treating it with a one size fits all procedure I can specifically address each problem. This allows me to more effectively rejuvenate the eye region in a way never before possible. This is the artistry of plastic surgery.

During consultation, I will take digital photographs of you so that we can look at them together and determine what are the best treatment options. We will look at the skin, the muscle, the fat, and the facial skeleton individually, and as a group, to see what is necessary to create the look you desire. It is very helpful to bring pictures of what you would like to accomplish. Of course, guarantees are not possible, but it does help me to understand what you would like to achieve.

My philosophy is to try and accomplish the desired results with the least invasive procedure available. This, however, should not be done at the expense of failing to achieve the desired look. Often, it is necessary to combine eyelid surgery with other procedures. The most common ancillary procedures are brow lifting, cheek lifting, lateral canthoplasty, fat transplantation, cheek augmentation, and chemical peeling.