For Minors

For Minors

While plastic surgery is primarily reserved for adults 18 years and older. However, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise realizes the significant negative impact caused by unwanted attention on adolescents during their formative years. In these circumstances, it is very reasonable to treat these patients at a younger age as a preventative measure so they enjoy greater confidence as they grow and enter adulthood, where they might otherwise face challenges. Dr. Joseph T. Cruise works with patients of all ages and can help your child or teen flourish with lifelong results.


Earliest treatable age - 13 

Gynecomastia is very common in teenagers and is most often a result of hormone fluctuations during puberty.  In some cases, it resolves with time – in other cases, it persists and causes significant problems with self-esteem. Boys may find themselves avoiding situations in which it’s normal to take their shirts off, such as the pool or beach, to avoid embarrassment or comments about having "man boobs." When it persists for more than two years, it is likely permanent. Surgery is one of the most effective treatments for gynecomastia, which involves excising breast tissue to create a flatter chest.


Earliest treatable age - 5

Children born with large or overly protruding ears will likely experience comments or teasing from their peers. Otoplasty is a procedure designed to “pin” the ears back or reduce the size to bring them into better proportion with the rest of the head. The goal is to make the ears less noticeable, and it can be performed on children as young as five years old. The most important factor is that your child’s ears are finished developing since changes in cartilage can impact results.

Breast Reduction

Earliest treatable age - 15

As girls navigate puberty, their breasts can experience rapid growth in a short amount of time. For some girls, this can be physically uncomfortable, especially if they participate in sports or activities. It is also common for girls to experience negative comments about their breasts, leading to low self-confidence and a tendency to hide them. Breast reduction can remove excess breast tissue and bring the breasts to a more proportional and manageable size.


Earliest treatable age - Female: 15, Male: 16 

Genetics plays a large role in the overall aesthetic of the nose. A disproportionate nose can cause teasing and low confidence, and a nose that interferes with breathing can result in a lifetime of health problems. Rhinoplasty can be performed during the teenage years, as this is the age when cartilage begins to settle into its adult position. The result is greater confidence and improved breathing function for years to come.

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