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Cost of Chin Implant

Cost of Chin Augmentation

Deciding whether or not to get a chin implant is more than simply a matter of cost: it is a matter whether or not you choose to invest in yourself. Cosmetic surgery, especially facial rejuvenation, often impacts a person far deeper than others can see. Orange County board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise’s patients report that in addition to a better proportioned face and appearance, they feel increased confidence and personal satisfaction, which is worth far more to them than any cost of their chin augmentation.

Quality vs. Value

For many people, price plays a factor in the decision of which plastic surgeon you choose to perform your chin implant surgery. Although cost is important, it is also determined by a number of factors. A surgeon’s background and experience contributes to the excellence of their results, and someone with less knowledge may make more mistakes and be unable to prevent potential complications. If you want to see the best indication of the value a surgeon will provide you, look at as many of their chin implant before and after photos as you can.

Dr. Cruise’s Approach

Dr. Cruise takes a unique approach to all lower facial rejuvenation. He customizes the procedures for each patient so that they receive the chin implant that is the right size and proportion for their face. Depending on the  type of implant you receive, and if the chin augmentation is performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries, the cost will differ.

On average, chin augmentation cost is $4,500. This price range includes fees for the surgeon and the facility, the anesthesiology services, and the post-surgery follow-up visits. At your pre-surgery consultation and physical exam, your discussion with Dr. Cruise about your concerns and desired results will allow the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff to provide you with a personalized cost estimate for your chin implant.

Find out more about chin implant financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.

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