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Chin Implant Dr Cruises Philosophy

Dr. Cruises' Chin Augmentation Philosophy

Chin augmentation can significantly improve the overall facial aesthetics in a patient with a weak chin. When I am evaluating a patient interested in a chin implant I will take a digital picture of him/her in profile. With this profile we can enlarge the chin digitally to see what the overall effect on the face would be. This is very comforting to the patient. They can see what an augmented chin would look like. This is very helpful for me understand how much augmentation that individual patient desires. This is a situation where digital photography and body morphing truly help to understand what the patient wants and what provides the best appearance.

Silicone chin implant

Example of a Silicone Chin Implant

Chin augmentation is particularly satisfying because a strong chin does so many positive things to the face. It gives a more youthful, elegant look on a woman. On a man, it gives a more masculine, authoritative appearance. In addition it helps define the jaw line and improves a droopy and double chin.

What I like most about the chin augmentation is that it provides a significant improvement with a short recovery. Another advantage is that if you don't like it you can have it removed and you are back to where you started. There are, of course, some risks but overall the chin implant is a safe, predictable procedure.

Note: Dr. Cruise offers a variety of customized chin implant ranging in size and shape. This yields better results, because he can tailor the implant to the patient's needs.

Below see an example of a chin implant in conjunction with a neck lift. Notice the more youthful, defined appearance of the chin and neck. 



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