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Excellence in Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. He is also a member  of The Rhinoplasty Society (a very exclusive society of surgeons who specialize in rhionplasty surgery throughout the world). He has been practicing plastic surgery in Orange County for over a decade. Joseph T Cruise, MD  and the staff at his Newport Beach office have provided these pages as one of the most comprehensive resources for anyone interested in how rhinoplasty can help them achieve their desired look. So that patients can know what results to expect, Cruise Plastic Surgery has also provided a number of before and after nose surgery pictures for review.

Please see below topics related to rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty 3D animation

Overview of Rhinoplasty Procedure

Member of the Rhinoplasty Society

Joseph T Cruise, MD consults with many patients who share the same concerns about their nose and who are seeking cosmetic surgery to achieve a their desired appearance. Since many of the patient concerns are similar, Joseph T Cruise, MD has compiled some of the most important information into one place. Discussed topics include:

  • Hump Reduction
    Many people request a nose surgery that will remove, or lessen, the “hump” across the bridge of their nose. During a consultation in his Orange County office, Joseph T Cruise, MD will digitally modify your nasal profile to show you what sort of hump reduction might be possible, and how it changes the proportion of the entire face.
  • Droopy Tip
    Some people have an elongated tip at the end of their nose that plunges farther down towards the lips, especially when smiling. Correction of this “droopy tip” is another common rhinoplasty request. Joseph T Cruise, MD is especially adept at shortening the nose and rotating the tip upward to correct this common concern.
  • Tip Definition 
    A thin, proportional nose is the ideal shape, and many people ask Joseph T Cruise, MD to change the shape of their nose’s tip in order to reach this ideal. Shaping cartilage to correct bulbous or boxy nose tip creates a more elegant, refined shape to the nose and face.
  • Narrowing the Nose
    Many nose surgery patients are interested in how they can bring more overall definition to their face by narrowing their nose. Joseph T Cruise, MD performs rhinoplasty that can narrow the nose bridge, the nostrils, or both.
  • Complications, Risks, Recovery and Safety
    Every type of surgery involves some safety concerns, and cosmetic surgery is no different. You can learn about the potential risks involved with deviated septum, revision rhinoplasty, pinched nose, and bulbous tip, and also find out what to expect during the recovery process.

Joseph T Cruise, MD believes in providing patients with the information to make the decision about whether or not plastic surgery addresses their major concerns, will help them achieve the results they want, and is right for them.

Rhinoplasty Overview

As the center of the face, the ideal nose is one that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Large, deviated, and disproportionate noses can seem to dominate a face and make some people self-conscious. A nose that is proportionate to other facial features allows the eyes, chin, and lips to receive equal attention, and creates a facial harmony.

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for the surgery that alters the size or shape of the nose. The procedure can be performed for various reasons, from traumatic injury to dissatisfaction with appearance. Some of the most common complaints about nose shape include: a hump across the bridge, a deviated nose, flaring or bulbous nostrils, a wide nasal bridge, and a beaked nose. As a rhinoplasty specialist and one of the top Orange County plastic surgeons, Joseph T Cruise, MD has experience correcting all of these conditions.

Some of the most serious health concerns people list when seeking nose surgery are airway and breathing problems. Due to several physiological conditions, a person’s nose may simply be shaped so that their airway is sometimes blocked, and they have difficulty breathing. Rhinoplasty is often the way to correct the underlying problems of nasal shape that cause airway obstruction.


Main Rhinoplasty Techniques

Most doctors perform rhinoplasty in two different types of procedures: a “closed” technique and an “open” technique. Joseph T Cruise, MD has experience working with both of these approaches, but he also performs a highly-specialized combination of the two known as the “delivery” technique. Each nose surgery technique has its own advantage, depending on the results the patient is looking for.

Intra-nasal rhinoplasty incision

When a patient’s major concerns are at the top or bridge of the nose, or when there are only small changes needed to the nose’s tip, Joseph T Cruise, MD finds that the closed technique provides patients the best results. The closed technique uses small incisions made inside the nose and leaves no visible scarring.

External Rhinoplasty Incision

When the patient’s major concerns are with the nasal tip, Joseph T Cruise, MD finds it beneficial to use the open technique. A thin incision is made along the skin between the nostrils, which normally heal without a visible scar. With this technique, a patient can have more extensive rhinoplasty work done on the tip of their nose, and achieve better tip definition and narrowness.

Joseph T Cruise, MD is one of the few rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeons in Newport Beach who has developed a specialized technique for patients who need a moderate amount of work done along the whole nose – both the bridge and tip. The delivery technique does not leave visible scars, and gives patients a way to achieve the best overall look.

Highly Specialized, Highly Practiced

Rhinoplasty is one of the essential operations that every surgeon needs to be expert in. It incorporates multiple skills, artistic prowess, and vision, and it is cultivated by extensive training and practice. Each patient’s face is unique, every nose is individual, and only the experienced plastic surgeons are aware of how dramatic the results to the overall face will be.

Joseph T Cruise, MD schedules individual appointments with all rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery patients in his Orange County office. At the consultation all patients are given a physical exam and express their concerns, while browsing the extensive collection of before and after nose surgery pictures. Patients will also be able to see a digital modification of their own nose so they can visualize what to expect with their new nose and new appearance.