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Liposuction Dr Cruises Philosophy

Dr. Cruise's Liposuction Philosophy

Dr. Joseph T Cruise, top Newport Beach liposuction surgeon Just about everyone has areas of fat that bother them and do not go away no matter what. For most men, this area is their "love handles." Many of us were created such that these areas persist despite diet and exercise. In many cases liposuction is the only option.

Fat, in certain areas such as the face, is very attractive and associated with youth. Extreme dieting and exercise, while it may help to get rid of fat in undesirable areas, will also cause loss of facial fat which creates an old, gaunt appearance. Isn't it ironic? Loss of fat in the body is a good thing but loss of fat in the face is bad.

This is why liposuction is extremely useful. It allows selected fat loss where you want it and does not cause facial fat loss where you don't want it. In fact, the fat that is liposuctioned can be transplanted to areas around the eyes and cheeks to create permanent facial rejuvenation. This is an effective way to markedly improve the sunken-in look characteristic of aging, as well as correct fine wrinkles and re-create youthful, prominent cheeks. This is truly a win-win situation.

I am a big advocate of health and nutrition and I will help you with these issues in conjunction with liposuction. This is a way of looking at the big picture to obtain the desired results.

I use tumescent liposuction and have a wide array of cannulas. I will commonly use the more aggressive ones on the flanks, where the fat is very fibrous and hard to remove, and more precise on the abdomen and thighs to avoid contour irregularities.

Why don’t most Plastic Surgeons use SmartLipo?

When I first tried SmartLipo I wanted it to work. My practice is built on cutting edge technology and uncompromising attention to detail. Unfortunately, I found it to be ineffective in most areas and a complete waste of time in thicker areas such as the abdomen and flanks of people even slightly overweight. Still, I was thinking it may be a good investment. In addition, I would be one of the very few board certified plastic surgeons in Orange County, Calif., the heart of plastic surgery, to use it.

This made me pause. Why is it that almost no board certified plastic surgeons use SmartLipo? After all, plastic surgeons are at the top of the food chain when it comes to cosmetic surgery training. Consultation with my colleagues further confirmed my opinion. SmartLipo was inferior to traditional liposuction. This is the reason that almost no board certified plastic surgeons use it.

Who Uses SmartLipo?

Further investigation revealed that the vast majority of the Smart Lipo “plastic surgeons” are NOT plastic surgeons. Most are dermatologists, gynecologists, or even family practice doctors. Many of whom work for a company that promotes them.

My Fear

My biggest concern is the fact that SmartLipo is not accepted by the majority of plastic surgeons. This leads me to wonder whether it is more of a gimmick than a useful tool. My advice to anyone considering SmartLipo is to look into the credentials of the doctor operating on you. Plastic surgery results are, and always will be, primarily dependent on the ability of the surgeon.

The Future

Once again, we plastic surgeons pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology that medicine has to offer. If, and when, SmartLipo becomes the most effective method of removing fat, plastic surgeons will be the first to have it in their operating rooms. Until then, traditional liposuction will continue to be the gold standard.

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