Lip Augmentation Good Candidates

Are You a Good Lip Augmentation Candidate?


Good candidates for lip augmentation are simply people who desire fuller, poutier lips. There are 2 categories of people who qualify as good candidates for lip augmentation.

The first type is the person who was born with essentially normal lips but would like to have them larger to create a more sensual and attractive appearance. This is an excellent indication to have the procedure done as it does provide a very predictable way of achieving this.

The second type of person is the somewhat older person who has noticed that her lips have thinned over time. It also has become more noticeable that the distance between the bottom of her nose and the upper lip may have lengthened. This all contributes to a more aged appearance. This is another good indication for lip augmentation. Lip augmentation will correct, or at least improve, many of the characteristics of the aging lip. Not only will it provide a fuller and more sensual lip, but it will go a long way to reducing the fine wrinkles around the mouth.