Lip Augmentation Dr Cruises Philosophy

Joseph T Cruise, MD's Lip Augmentation Philosophy

The lip is a unique body part. First of all, because it is in the center of the face it is highly visible. Its unique qualities stem from its dual function. More so than any other part of the face, It had both a functional role as well as a sensual role. Recently, the plump, pouty lip has become very popular because it exudes both youth and sensuality.

I find lip augmentation very satisfying as the results are quite predictable and can be adjusted to the patient's satisfaction. In addition, the down time and cost are less than other plastic surgery procedures making it available to just about anyone who wishes to have it

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Joseph T Cruise, MD

The typical patient who desires lip augmentation already knows a fair amount about the procedure. They often have friends, or family members who have had it. The most important information I need to know is how dramatic of a look they desire. This dictates the amount I inject. In addition, it is important to know if the patient wants the corners augmented as well. This will require a little more Restylane®/Captique®.

I like to numb the lips prior to injecting so that the patient does not experience discomfort. Also, this allows me to place the Restylane®/Captique® more accurately.

I place the Restylane®/Captique® at the junction of the wet and dry vermillion. This part of the lip expands better than the other areas and provides the most natural yet dramatic look.

Afterward, patients leave the office immediately. Some go back to work. Others, who are very concerned about the swelling do not go out in the public until the next day.

Once again, what I like most about lip augmentation is its versatility and very short down time. Patients who just start off are usually best served by injecting 3/4 cc into each lip. This is a good starting point.

Some of my patients want a more defined lip border. For these patients, I use Cosmoderm® to plump up the borders. Cosmoderm® is the best at defining borders and getting rid of fine wrinkles around the lip. The only down side is that it lasts 2-3 months. The most long term improvement of fine wrinkles around the mouth is dermabrasion. By this, I mean dermabrasion; not micro-dermabrasion. This, however, has more down time.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Joseph T Cruise, MD

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