Lip Augmentation Benefits

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

The benefits of full, pouty lips are obvious. They represent sensuality and attractiveness. Also, the fuller lips represent youth and as we age our lips become thinner. Lip augmentation, therefore, creates not only a more attractive but also more youthful appearance. Some of the benefits of lip augmentation are outlined below:

  • Creates fuller and Poutier lips.
  • Rejuvenates thin and old appearing lips back to where they were during youth and maybe even a little bit fuller.
  • The procedure is predictable and can be adjusted easily.
  • The procedure is relatively quick and low-cost.
  • It has no or very little downtime.
  • It also improves wrinkles and age lines around the mouth.

Animation of thin lips and upper lip wrinkles

Thin Lips and Upper Lip Wrinkles

Scroll over the image to see the correction of Thin Lips with Soft Tissue Fillers and Upper Lip Wrinkles with Dermabrasion


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