Lip Augmentation After The Procedure

After Lip Augmentation

Immediately. Right after the lip augmentation you will notice a big improvement within your lips. In fact, you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror to determine if the desired augmentation has been achieved. Ice will be applied to your lips to minimize swelling. Most people get up immediately and are able to drive themselves home or back to work. Anyone who looks at you will know that something is different but may or may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is. If local anesthetic is used your lips will be numb for about 2 hours.

That evening. There are no specific recommendations except that it is a good idea to sleep that evening with your had elevated to minimize swelling. Do not touch your lips too much.

First 48 hours. There will not be that much swelling but the little you have will resolve within 2 or 3 days.