Orange County Breast Reduction Combined with Lift and Augmentation Delivers More Attractive Results

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Newport Beach, CA. (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

Combining Multiple Procedures

As an Orange County breast reduction specialist, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, has performed hundreds of breast surgeries. This experience has allowed him to monitor a large number of patients to track the longevity and satisfaction of their results. Office data confirms that combining a breast reduction with a breast lift and augmentation provides superior results that are long lasting.

“The result of a breast reduction alone doesn’t come close to the incredible results obtained when combining a lift and augmentation,” explains Joseph T Cruise, MD.

Breast Reduction Without Breast Lift and Augmentation

Dr. Joseph Cruise is acutely aware of the downfalls of performing a reduction without a lift and augmentation. All too often patients who had a breast reduction elsewhere, come to him seeking a revision, because their surgery did not provide the results they were promised. Patients complain that their breasts don’t look any better than before surgery and some state they look worse.

In Orange County, the vast majority of breast reduction patients not only want to reduce the overall volume, but they also desire perky youthful looking breasts. With the year round warm weather climate, most women express wanting their breasts to look good in bathing suits, low cut tops, work-out clothing, and sexy dresses. Unfortunately, a breast reduction alone will almost always disappoint the patient, because removing breast tissue alone does nothing but minimize the size of the breasts. A breast reduction is not capable of lifting the breasts into the proper position on the chest, nor can it improve the overall shape and perkiness. Joseph T Cruise, MD also points out that most women with over-sized breasts have excess breast tissue, which has descended below the breast crease, causing there to be a lack of fullness where they want it most – the upper breast.

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