Cost of Face Lift and CustomLift Facial Rejuvenation

Many people have to make the decision about whether cosmetic surgery is affordable to them – can their budget fit the cost of a face lift or Custom Lift facial rejuvenation procedure? Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph T. Cruise and all the staff at Cruise Plastic Surgery understand that the financial aspect of cosmetic surgery can be a concern, and it even prohibits some people from pursuing the refreshed, rejuvenated, youthful appearance they deserve.

We believe that the benefits and rewards of facial rejuvenation procedures go beyond simply the changes to a person’s face; our patients have told us that their outlook on life is recharged after their face lift, and that they “haven’t felt better in years.” These internal rewards, the benefits from contributing to people’s happiness, are why we believe in the value of cosmetic surgery.

Quality vs. Value

Cost of a face lift can play a main role in your decision when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Although cost should be a factor in your decision-making, consider that the best product or service is typically not the one with the lowest price – this includes plastic surgery procedures.

We strongly encourage you to research and investigate the plastic surgeons you are considering, understand their qualifications and experience, and choose a plastic surgeon with a reputable history and the best face lift results, rather than one who happens to fit your ideal price range.

The best way to review a cosmetic surgeon is to consider testimonials and before and after pictures of actual patient facial rejuvenation procedures as well as training and credentials. When you see the long-lasting, natural-looking results of one of the top Orange County face lift plastic surgeons, you will be able to appreciate how the difference in cost between different surgeons means the difference between dis-satisfactory and satisfactory results for you.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

The customized CustomLift facial rejuvenation approach that Joseph T Cruise, MD employs allows each patient to avoid the “one-size-fits-all” face lift approach, and instead pursue cosmetic surgery procedures that alleviate the underlying causes of their facial aging and focus on the areas that concern them most. Joseph T Cruise, MD helps patients to keep their plastic surgery affordable providing different financing options. Also, because Joseph T Cruise, MD’s patients do not receive treatments that are unnecessary for them, the cost of the facelift sometimes may be lower, and patients receive the maximum satisfaction from effective, lasting results.

On average, Joseph T Cruise, MD’s standard facelift patients have a total cost range from $8,500 to $16,500, which typically includes the following:

  • Surgical facility fee
  • Surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Supplies for the facial rejuvenation surgery
  • Preoperative and postoperative care

This price range can be greatly affected depending on a person’s specific facial rejuvenation needs. Some of the factors that can cause a person’s face lift estimate to vary include:

  • Needing a chin implant in addition to face lift
  • Skin rejuvenation in addition to correction of underlying structures
  • Neck lift in addition to facial rejuvenation

Since Joseph T Cruise, MD’s face lift approach is so highly customized, and each face is unique and individual, there is no way to estimate with accuracy what a particular person’s procedures will cost without meeting them for a face-to-face consultation in our Newport Beach office. There, Joseph T Cruise, MD can examine your facial features, discuss your concerns with you, and the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff can present you with a more precise estimate for the procedures you are interested in.

Find out more about face lift financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.