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Excellence in Orange County Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains the number one cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States. Women have breast augmentation for many reasons, including, to obtain better body proportion, enjoy better fitting clothes and bikinis, improve self confidence, feel more feminine and sexy, and  the list goes on. Women who seek breast augmentation are looking for the best plastic surgery results to achieve their aesthetic goals, and they find it with Orange County breast augmentation surgeon, Joseph T. Cruise, M.D.

Breast augmentation before and after photos show what words can’t explain – you can see for yourself how Dr. Cruise transforms women’s bodies. Additionally, you can read his patient's reviews and testimonials as they describe how Dr. Cruise has transformed their bodies and lives through breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Cruise and his staff have gone to great lengths to ensure your breast augmentation experience is optimal. His knowledgeable and caring staff will guide you every step of the way, providing concierge patient services. Dr. Cruise's Newport Beach facilities are outfitted with the most state of the art surgical equipment and the best plastic surgery software available to make sure you are crystal clear on the details and projected outcome of your breast augmentation surgery.

For your convenience, Dr. Cruise has provided a wealth of information and resources to familiarize you with breast augmentation preparation, procedures, and recovery:


Highly Experienced with an Impeccable Reputation

Perhaps the most significant advantage of being very busy is the tremendous experience obtained. Dr. Cruise does several hundred breast augmentations in Orange County every year. This experience and Dr. Cruise’s extreme attention to detail has lead to an unsurpassed reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in Orange County;  providing predictably good results with a perfect safety record. "Performing the surgery is only part of the process," says Dr. Cruise. "Providing optimal results and cultivating a good reputation also requires an equally skilled staff. You will find that all my staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. My patients are comforted knowing that we are there for them through out the entire recovery process."

Elite Credentials

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is limited to cosmetic surgeons specializing in aesthetic surgery. In addition, Dr. Cruise has joined the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons, an esteemed local group dedicated to safety, excellence, and integrity in cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation.


Many High Quality Before and After Pictures

Breast augmentation before and after pictures prove the success Dr. Cruise has with his patients. No matter what a patient is looking for in her surgery, Dr. Cruise can customize his trademark close cleavage, upper or lower breast fullness, and proper proportion for height into the overall look the patient wants to achieve from her breast augmentation. The before and after pictures show Dr. Cruise’s attention to detail and ability to finely tailor the augmentation results to meet his patient’s preferences.

Breast Augmentation by Height

The Difference of Complete Sub-Muscular Coverage

To provide the best, longest-lasting results for his Orange County breast augmentation patients, Dr. Cruise performs his surgery with a technique of inserting the breast implants with complete breast muscle coverage. This means that instead of putting the implant under just the pectoralis major muscle, Dr. Cruise puts the implant under additional muscles as well.

This complete muscle coverage serves several important purposes, especially for Newport Beach breast augmentation patients who appreciate close cleavage. Over time, breast implants often shift to the sides as breast tissues weaken, but full muscle coverage allows for closer cleavage with a reduced risk of cleavage widening. These stronger muscles are less likely to allow the implants to shift, and they provide a thick buffer that effectively reduces or prevents the skin rippling effect that can occur with other types of breast augmentation.

Partial vs. Complete Muscle Coverage

Partial coverage

Partial Muscle Coverage


Inside view of masculine chest

Implant Placement

What is the difference between partial and complete muscle coverage?

Early in breast augmentation history, placing the implant above the muscle was very common. However, due to high incidences of capsular contracture, rippling, and an "implanted look", placing the implant underneath the pectoralis major muscle became the preferred method for most board certified plastic surgeons. Placing the implant below the muscle has been shown to decrease capsular contracture and rippling. In addition, it softens the margins on the implant so that it looks more natural. However, most patients do not realize that even with below muscle coverage up to half the implant is not covered by muscle. This is referred to as partial muscle coverage.


Areola incision 5 months after surgery

Partial muscle coverage is the most common technique. Complete muscle coverage requires that the pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and usually a portion of the external oblique also be included so that the lower, outer part of the implant is covered as well. The images below illustrate the anatomic differences as well as the aesthetic differences between the two. In summary, complete muscle coverage adds support and coverage over the lower, outer part of the implant. This has the advantage of less rippling, less bottoming out, less migration of implant into the arm pit. In addition, this lateral support essentially pushes the implant toward the midline creating closer cleavage.

Two example are shown. One with the implant placed higher on the chest and the other with the implant placed lower. High implants create more upper breast fullness and the appearance of a longer, thinner abdomen, and a perkier look. Low implants create more lower breast fullness, a more concave slope to the upper breast, and give more lift to the nipples. However, lower implants means less upper breast fullness, less cleavage, and a shorter abdomen.

Partial vs. Complete Muscle Coverage

(Implant positioned high on chest)

Partial coverage

Partial muscle coverage
50% of implant uncovered


Complete muscle coverage
Complete lateral coverage of implant


Partial muscle coverage


Complete muscle coverage


Partial muscle coverage


Complete muscle coverage
Better cleavage as muscle prevent implants
from sliding

How is cleavage affected by implant position?

Complete vs Partial muscle converge

As demonstrated above, complete muscle coverage adds muscle coverage and support over the other part of the implant. This does two positive things. One, it prevents the implant from sliding outward particularly when laying on the back. Two, it acts as a "book shelf" to push the implants toward the midline providing better cleavage.

The lower a implant is placed the more the implants will separate. Placing an implant low has the advantage of lifting the nipple slightly. Lowering the implant too much may cause "bottoming out" and sliding of the implant toward the arm pit.

How is cleavage affected by implant position?


Implants High/Partial muscle coverage


Implants High/Complete muscle coverage


Implants Low/Partial muscle coverage


Implants Low/Complete muscle coverage

How is upper breast shape/fullness affected by implant position?

Implant position has a significant impact on the overall shape of the breast. Placing an implant in a high position actually means it is placed in the normal location of breast tissue. The implant is placed at the level of the breast fold. However, the breast fold is not lowered significantly. This will create more upper breast fullness and better cleavage. Placing an implant in a low position means that the implant is placed somewhat below the breast tissue. Lowering the breast fold a little will create a concave shape to the upper breast as demonstrated below. In addition, it will cause the nipple to elevate slightly. This may be useful in the borderline cases where a formal breast lift is trying to be avoided. Lowering the fold too much will create a heavy, maternal look with no upper breast fullness. In general, if the nipples or the breasts are sagging it is best to put them back up where they below. This will give the sexiest, perkiest look.

How is upper breast shape/fullness affected by implant position?


Implants placed lower
Notice the softer appearing upper breast and
the nipples being lifted.


Implants place higher
Notice the enhanced upper breast fullness.

Imperceptible scar

Women do not want scars that make their breasts look “operated on,” and as an experienced, skilled Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cruise knows how to minimize scarring on his patients. He uses a funnel insertion device with silicone implants, which eases the effects of the surgery and decreases the size of the incision and of any potential scar.

As one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Newport Beach, Dr. Cruise puts meticulous detail into closing breast implant incisions, and his staff will provide you with a detailed explanation of the post-operative care you need for the following months. Simple taping of the incision sites combined with Dr. Cruise’s elite skill decreases the chances of scarring, leaving you with natural-looking, healthy breasts that you can enjoy for years to come.

View a video of the Funnel Method vs Finger Method

Breast Augmentation Anesthesia

Cedric Choan MD, Board-Certified Orange County Anesthesiologist

Dr. Joseph Cruise realizes that an important aspect of any surgery is the anesthesia and that many women are sensitive and suffer unpleasant effects from it. In order to offer patients the most comfortable plastic surgery experience possible, Dr. Cruise only works with Orange County Board Certified Anesthesiologists who are specialists in gentle, outpatient anesthesia.

Numbing of breast in a horseshoe shape

Meet our Anesthesiologist Cedric Choan, MD

Dr. Cruise and his staff work hard to ensure that patients experience minimal pain after their cosmetic surgery by using preventative pain control measures with local anesthetics so patients’ pain never becomes intense, even after the medication wears off. These extra steps to make the breast implant recovery process as easy as possible for patients are one of the many ways that Dr. Cruise has earned his reputation as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Newport Beach area.

Concierge Patient Service Meets Cutting Edge Technology

In order to give patients every advantage to enjoy outstanding breast augmentation results, Dr. Cruise has spent over 5 years developing his unique digital patient management software.

This program guides patients through the entire surgery process, helps them decide which implants are right, provides secure text message access to Dr. Cruise’s Orange County office, and so much more. As a CSF user, you will have exclusive access to personalized before and after pictures – before the surgery even begins, you will see what you can expect during the healing process, as well as learn massage and bra management techniques to ensure that you obtain the best breast augmentation result possible.

The Look You Want

During your consultation with Dr. Cruise at the Newport Beach facility, the doctor will use your personal information to help you determine the look you want to achieve after your breast implants. This aspect of the CSF program allows you to see the different possibilities for your cosmetic surgery results, and lets you discuss with Dr. Cruise what you prefer for your own body.

Breast Implant Sizes


Quick access to Dr. Cruise and staff

Some cosmetic surgery offices develop reputations for being less available to patients after their surgery, but Dr. Cruise and his staff believe that after your procedure is when you need them most. In addition to offering patients Dr. Cruise’s personal phone number, the staff can also be reached through a nurse line. You can send pictures and express your concerns, knowing that you will be answered quickly and in a very convenient way.


Help with Ongoing Small Concerns

As a fully customer oriented Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cruise helps patients with all aspects of post-surgery care. On an ongoing basis, he produces videos that discuss the relevant breast implant issues that matter most to his patients, including things such as showing you how to manage asymmetrical breast implants, post-operative massage techniques, and post-operative bra management. These videos allow Dr. Cruise to fully explain how your daily life may be affected long term after your cosmetic surgery, and they allow you convenient access to Dr. Cruise’s invaluable advice as often as you need it.

The Example of Excellence in Orange County Breast Augmentation

Joseph T. Cruise, M.D. cares about what his patients need, and his experience has taught him how to provide the highest quality, most professional, most convenient, and overall top cosmetic surgery experience possible for his patients. He also believes that every woman has the right to feel beautiful and enjoy the highest quality breast augmentation. Ask a staff member about available financing options and ways to make cosmetic surgery affordable.

Dr. Cruise and his Newport Beach staff have earned their prestigious reputation as one of the best plastic surgeon offices in the area. By combining personal dedication to excellence with the latest technologies available, there is no better example of how to provide patients with concierge customer service or higher quality breast implant surgery results than Cruise Plastic Surgery.