Breast Augmentation Common Incisions

Common Augmentation Incisions

There are three commons incisions that most plastic surgeons use for breast augmentation. Joseph T Cruise, MD has considerable experience with all three incisions, but for the majority of his patients he has found that the peri-areolar incision provides the best results. This incision allows for the most accurate implant placement, because it is located exactly where the implant needs to go. In addition, the scar is the least visible of the three incisions because the areola heals much more favorably than normal skin. This is especially true when the incision is made right at the margin of the areola.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

Common Breast Augmentation Incisions

The three incisions are:

  1. Inframmamory fold: Within the fold at the bottom of the breast.
  2. Peri-areolar: Exactly at the margin of the areola where the lighter skin meets the darker skin.
  3. Axillary: Within the axila (armpit).

All 3 incisions can provide excellent results. The incision along the margin of the areola allows for very accurate implant placement. The scar becomes almost imperceptible within 2 months for most women. The incision within the inframmamory fold at the bottom of the breast can provide excellent results but in some women scar widening can occur with this incision. Also these incisions tend to remain redder for a longer period of time than the peri-areolar incision. The axillary incision also can provide a great result but implant placement is more difficult because the implant is being placed from a remote location. This topic is discussed more in "Joseph T Cruise, MD's Philosophy."

A fourth incision option, not used quite as often, is through the naval. This is called a Trans-umbilical (TUBA) incision. The results, when compared to the standard incisions, are not as predictable. This is because it is impossible to visualize the pocket where the implant will be placed. For this reason Joseph T Cruise, MD, and most plastic surgeons, no longer perform breast augmentation via this incision. This is not to say that this incision cannot produce good results. It is just that the results are less predictable and Joseph T Cruise, MD only performs procedures with predictable results.

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