Gynecomastia Condition Unveiled on Bravo TV Helps Others

dr-cruise-brandon-craigWhen celebrity hair stylist Brandon Liberati decided to share his gynecomastia experience on Bravo TV’s “Newlyweds” show, it became the first time the condition was publicly discussed on such a widely watched platform. On the Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 7, Brandon and his partner Craig Ramsay, opened up about the affect gynecomastia had on both of them and how gynecomastia surgery positively changed their lives forever.

Brandon chose expert Gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Joseph T. Cruise of Cruise Plastic Surgery, to execute his transformative gynecomastia procedure. As a result of the media attention Brandon and Joseph T Cruise, MD received after the Newlyweds episode air, men from all over the country have been reaching out to express their gratitude for shedding light on this humiliating condition and educating them on how successful surgery can be to permanently get rid of gynecomastia. Over the past 6 months, Joseph T Cruise, MD has seen a dramatic increase in the number of teens and men coming to see him for gynecomastia surgery in Newport Beach, CA. Some are traveling from as far away as Dubai, Australia, Asia and Europe. Even dignitaries and other high profile individuals are turning to Joseph T Cruise, MD for their gynecomastia correction.

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