Are You Causing A Hormone Imbalance?

Did you know that your hormones play a huge role in making sure your body functions properly? Those with well-balanced hormones are more likely to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy than those with a hormonal imbalance. Without even knowing it, you could have some habits that may contribute to hormone imbalances.

Joseph T Cruise, MD was recently featured in “7 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Imbalance Your Hormones” on  Read on to learn about some of these habits that may be sabotaging your hormone levels, so that you can take the steps to quit!

Staying Up All Night

Getting the right amount of sleep for you is super important, even if you think you don’t need to sleep a lot. According to the article, Joseph T Cruise, MD explains, “Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels and increases your blood sugar.” Individuals who regular pull all-nighters could be messing with their hormones. The solution? Start following a regular sleep schedule, and your cortisol levels will even out.

Drinking Caffeine After 3 PM

While you may think that you need that afternoon coffee to get through the day, it may be more harmful than helpful. “Having caffeine in the late afternoon will increase production of stress hormone cortisol, which can make you feel anxious and cause you to toss and turn all night,” Joseph T Cruise, MD said. This is why you should try to stick to drinking caffeine before 3 p.m. for a healthier, happier you.

The article goes on to cover the remaining five habits that may be taking a toll on your hormones. Check out the article linked above to read to rest!

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