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Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Decisions surrounding cosmetic surgery often involve one key question: how affordable is the breast augmentation? At Cruise Plastic Surgery, we understand that a woman’s budget can be a concern when considering breast procedures, but we do not want matters of cost or financial barriers to prohibit anyone from achieving the appearance and feeling of a proportioned, sexy body.

Every woman must ultimately make the right decision for her, but we firmly believe that cosmetic surgery is a long-term investment that reaps more benefits than simply those visible to the eye. Plastic surgery increases personal value; breast implant patients report that they often find themselves a new person on the inside, with more satisfaction toward their appearance, relief from anxieties and previous stresses, and a renewed outlook on life. An investment in yourself repays you every day.

Quality vs. Value

When you are considering breast augmentation, cost may understandably be a key factor in the decision of which plastic surgeon you choose. Joseph T Cruise, MD and the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff strongly recommend that you do not choose breast augmentation surgeon solely based only on a lower cost. This can be very dangerous, as inadequately trained  surgeons often may put patients through unnecessary, uncomfortable side effects that could have been prevented.

Always make sure that the plastic surgeon you are considering is board certified and experienced with breast implant procedures. When shopping for a qualified, knowledgeable professional always make sure you’re not “comparing apples to oranges.” The best thing to do is look at a surgeon’s schooling, experience, and background; testimonials from previous patients; and before and after pictures of breast augmentations the surgeon has performed.

With information like this, you may begin to see a difference in the results of the many plastic surgeons throughout Orange County, and you will likely come to agree with us that the lowest price cosmetic surgeon is usually not going to give you the high-quality, long-term results you deserve. Of course budget is one determining factor, but the value of ensuring your safety and your satisfaction is another element to consider when choosing a surgeon for your breast augmentation.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Compared to other plastic surgeons, Joseph T Cruise, MD’s breast implant approach is unique. Breast augmentations are customized for each patient depending on her size, medical history, prior surgeries, bodily concerns, desired results, and other factors. The technique that Joseph T Cruise, MD has developed includes complete muscle coverage of the breast implant, which makes the entire breast perkier and more proportional with the body, keeps the implant in the proper place, prevents the implant from rippling, and gives the patient fuller, more voluminous cleavage. His patients receive results that last, and address their concerns.

On average, the breast augmentation cost totals between $7,000 and $9,000. This price range includes standard procedural fees such as:

  • surgical facility fee
  • surgeon fee
  • anesthesia fee
  • supplies for the cosmetic surgery
  • breast implants
  • all pre and post-surgery follow-up visits

During your pre-surgery consultation with Joseph T Cruise, MD in his Orange County office, you will express your specific concerns and desires, which will help guide the Cruise Plastic Surgery staff to give you a more specific, pin-pointed estimate for the cost of your breast augmentation. Factors such as the material shape of the breast implant used, prior surgeries and whether or not other procedures are performed at the same time may change the total cost of your breast augmentation.

Find out more about breast augmentation financing options available through Cruise Plastic Surgery.


Being a model, I've always been physically fit, but there are certain limitations of a petite 5'1, 98 lb frame. In a professional capacity, having a breast augmentation has definitely made me a more confident woman, which has opened up a few more doors for me professionally.

Personally, this confidence has translated to a very real but intangible quality that has added value to my personal life on an every day basis. It is no secret that people are naturally attracted to confident people, and so this procedure has made me a bit magnetic.

On a more trivial note, its nice being able to stand next to my boyfriend during various trade show conventions & events and feeling like I represent us both well. - Rachel, silicone breast augmentation