Tips for a Smoother Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery is currently the most popular plastic surgery procedure among women today. However, before undergoing this procedure, it is important to fully understand the recovery process and how much downtime will be necessary. Read on for a list of tips to help ensure a safer and quicker breast augmentation recovery process.

Do not sleep facing down

After your surgery, it is recommended that you sleep on your back instead of your stomach. When you sleep on your stomach, it may cause deformation of the implants. It may also cause drooping of the breasts. Sleeping on the sides should also be avoided for two weeks since it will lead to lateral displacement of the implants.

Stick to light activities

During recovery, be sure not to put too much exertion on the upper extremities, as it may lead to complications. If you lift heavy items or any other similar activities, it may lead to hematoma or bleeding. It may also lead to implant displacement. It is not recommended that you take part in strenuous exercise or lift heavy things in the first week of the surgery. Joseph T Cruise, MD will provide you with a list of post-surgery instructions to help guide you through the allowed activity.

Do not drink or smoke

You will be advised to stop drinking alcohol or smoking before the surgery, as these substances may inhibit recovery. When you drink or smoke, it will delay your healing which may prevent the blood from flowing well in the body. Alcohol or cigarettes can also put the patient at risk of bleeding or infection because of the drug interactions.

Avoid tanning beds

Tanning beds will affect your surgery results, mostly leading to more noticeable scars. If you want your incisions to heal faster, it is advised that you avoid tanning beds for 8 weeks, though forever would be ideal. The artificial heat that comes from the tanning beds may negatively impact your skin quality. It is also good to avoid any direct sun exposure on the wound to speed up recovery.

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