Patients who are looking for a cosmetic change can, at times, have multiple concerns, but don’t know where to begin. That’s when creating a comprehensive surgical plan is the optimal situation to address all of the patient’s concerns. When possible, combining procedures is often ideal because it means one surgery and one recovery.

The most common combination of cosmetic procedures is the mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is designed with women’s bodies post-pregnancy in mind, targeting a selection of common concerns for mothers after giving birth.

Having decades of experience, Dr. Cruise is skilled with mommy makeovers, as well as other combination surgeries. Behind every combination surgery is a strategy requiring skill, planning, and experience, to deliver his patients the best outcome and help them accomplish their unique goals. What works for one patient may not be perfect for another.  In some cases, surgical procedures may need to be staged into more than one surgery to optimize safety and final results.

More about a Mommy Makeover

The breasts and the abdomen are the primary areas of improvement in a mommy makeover, as these are the areas that are generally affected the most during pregnancy. Women often want to bounce back to their pre-baby body, but this can be hard, and sometimes downright impossible to accomplish with diet & exercise. Often surgical intervention is needed to achieve a patient’s goals.  The mommy makeover surgery typically includes two or more of the following:

It is important to note a Mommy Makeover doesn’t just apply to women after childbirth, it also applied to anyone needing a rejuvenation of their breasts and tummy. Another common reason for wanting this combination of cosmetic procedures is due to weight loss and/or aging.

Other Common Combination Procedures

Combining procedures doesn’t just apply to the mommy makeover. It is very common for patients to have the following cosmetic surgical procedure in combination with one another.


Benefits of Combination Procedures

Patients often opt for a combination of procedures for multiple reasons. These benefits include:

  • One combined price: There can be savings involved in getting multiple procedures done at once. Patients will not have to pay for the hospital and anesthesia fees more than once.
  • One surgery: Since patients are having multiple procedures done at one time, there will only be one trip to the surgery center.
  • One time under anesthesia: By combining procedures the possibility of complications diminishes.
  • One recovery period: Having only one recovery is ideal. Once it’s done, patients are free to enjoy their results without being worried about another upcoming surgery and the recovery involved.

Schedule a Consultation

Some patients know going into their consultation that they would like multiple areas addressed, and therefore multiple procedures. Meanwhile, some patients have a specific goal they would like to achieve, which may require a combination of surgery. The best surgical plan will be determined with Dr. Cruise during a consultation.

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