Orange County Tummy Tuck Patient

Orange County Tummy Tuck Patient

When Orange County patients consider having a tummy tuck, the obvious common goal is to have an attractive flat stomach and flat incision that can be hidden with clothing. Unfortunately, most Orange County tummy tuck surgeons fear performing a tummy tuck with liposuction, which is what is needed to obtain these desired results. Sadly, Joseph T Cruise, MD is seeing an increase in patients referred to him for revision tummy tuck surgery, because their results are subpar.

Traditional plastic surgery feels that performing liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck is too dangerous. A tummy tuck involves elevating a large amount of abdominal skin. This skin is dependent on the blood supply feeding it from above. Many tummy tuck surgeons feel performing liposuction at the same time is too traumatic on these blood vessels and, therefore, would cut off blood supply to the abdominal skin creating major issues with wound healing. The significant downside to not performing liposuction with a tummy tuck is that it creates a poor result. This is best understood by comparing the skin thickness of your groin area and then the skin just above the belly button. The groin skin is paper thin, while the skin above the belly button is very thick. Keep in mind, with a tummy tuck the skin below the belly button is removed. This means that the skin above the belly button and the skin of the groin will be sutured together. You can imagine the dramatic discrepancy. Lastly, the existing fat stands in the way of creating an attractive flat stomach. Patients often complain about looking like they have a “beer belly.” The discrepancy at the incision exaggerates this fullness, because the abdomen is forced to hang over it.

One solution being offered by Orange County tummy tuck surgeons is to perform liposuction in a second surgery. This is less than ideal, because it increases the patient’s costs, requires two recoveries, and more time off work or other commitments. 

“It’s imperative that I provide my tummy tuck patients with the best results in one surgery whenever possible, therefore I have developed a way to combine liposuction with my tummy tucks to achieve this,” states Joseph T Cruise, MD.

Dr. Joseph Cruise has developed a predictable and safe method for removing the excess skin of the upper flap without damaging the important blood vessels. These critical blood vessels are located in the upper half of the abdominal fat closest to the skin. Joseph T Cruise, MD completely avoids this area by cutting, not liposuctioning, the deeper fat away from this area. This allows for a precise and methodical approach to addressing the abdominal fat without compromising blood supply.

Cutting the fat has evolved into the ideal method for several reasons:

  • Safety – blood vessels are spared.
  • Ability to remove more fat – most of the fat is located in this deep layer, therefore more can be removed.
  • Fat is removed in an even fashion. This leaves a predictably smooth skin surface without divots.
  • Beveling the fat margins eliminates the traditional step off more effectively than liposuction.
  • Cutting the fat reduces trauma compared to that seen with liposuction.

Now that Joseph T Cruise, MD has developed an effective, safe way of performing liposuction with his tummy tuck procedures, his patients are able to achieve their desired results with one surgery and one recovery. ‘Patient satisfaction has never been greater.’