Gynecomastia Surgery Saved His Life

At the young age of 12, Brandon started going through puberty and noticed a change in his chest. It was subtle at first, like a small pea-sized lump, but then it continued to grow over the next four years. Finally, at the age of 16, he recalls having undeniable “man boobs.” Brandon was devastated by the appearance of his chest and too ashamed to tell his parents, which is quite common with those suffering from gynecomastia


Gynecomastia Can Cause Serious Emotional Distress

Brandon was so disturbed by his chest that he avoided looking at himself in the mirror. Even taking showers took an emotional toll because he dreaded seeing his chest or touching it. Brandon altered his clothing choices to ensure his man boobs were hidden. Bulky hoodies became his go-to. He avoided outdoor activities such as going to the pool, lakes, and beach. Dating was not an option for fear of exposing his chest. Eventually, feeling trapped by his gynecomastia, Brandon withdrew socially, which led to drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Sadly, his life spiraled downhill. He became an addict and began losing his will to live. He often battled thoughts of committing suicide. In fact, one day, Brandon nearly ended his life. As he was driving down the road, he saw a cliff ahead and made a conscious decision to drive off it. Brandon suddenly changed his mind and slammed on his breaks as he sped ahead, avoiding ending his life. Brandon sat there stunned at what had almost happened. He recalls the event being an awakening of sorts. 

Shortly after, he decided to open up to his parents about his gynecomastia and the emotional toll it had taken on him over the years. Brandon’s parents were saddened to learn he kept his secret hidden for nearly a decade and vowed to help him however he wanted. 

Learning About Gynecomastia Treatment

Brandon and his parents didn’t know anything about treating gynecomastia. So, the first step was doing online research. They quickly learned male breast reduction surgery would permanently get rid of it. Brandon felt hopeful that he might actually be able to have the masculine chest he always wanted. So, he took the next step by scheduling a consultation with gynecomastia specialist Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach, California, about two hours from where he lives. 

When Brandon met with Dr. Cruise, he was relieved to learn he was a great candidate for gynecomastia surgery and that his man boobs would be gone forever. However, Brandon did have a lot of anxiety leading up to the day of surgery because of prior surgery experiences that did not go very well. The Cruise Plastic Surgery team supported Brandon every step of the way, easing his fears and concerns. Still, Brandon was incredibly nervous on the day of surgery. He was given oral medication to calm his nerves, which helped tremendously, along with watching his favorite movie on Netflix. Finally, after just an hour and a half of surgery, Dr. Cruise delivered the good news to Brandon that he was free of his gynecomastia. 

After Gynecomastia Surgery 

Brandon returned to Dr. Cruise’s office the next day to remove the bandages and see his chest for the first time. After suffering for over a decade, his man boobs were finally gone! It was a surreal moment for Brandon. In the following days and weeks, he had a bit of a hard time adjusting. Although his gynecomastia was gone, the emotional devastation still lingered behind. It took a while to reset his mind and realize he was truly free to live the life he wanted to live. About three months post-surgery,  Brandon finally started to regain his confidence. He began wearing thin shirts, participating in water sports, and eventually dating. 

Once isolated and lost,  Brandon now takes comfort in talking about his experience living with gynecomastia. He wants those suffering from the condition to know how important it is to open up about it and seek help. And, with gynecomastia surgery available to get rid of it forever, there is no reason to suffer as he did. 

Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation in Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Cruise has performed thousands of gynecomastia surgeries and is regarded as one of the top male breast reduction surgeons globally. Each story touches Dr. Cruise and motivates him to continue educating people about gynecomastia and the treatments available. In addition, Cruise Plastic Surgery offers financial assistance to those who cannot afford surgery and who meet specific requirements. 

To find out more about gynecomastia correction, please contact Cruise Plastic Surgery online or call the office at 949.644.4808. 

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