Dr. Cruise TV Appearances

Dr. Cruise's Appearances on TV

Kenalog Scar Treatment

Tummy tuck patient has a kenalog scar treatment on her belly button

Gynecomastia - As Seen on TV

Gynecomastia is an epidemic. Men ranging in age from 18-70 are suffering with untreated forms of gynecomastia. The condition does not discriminate. You can be a pro athlete, body builder, or just in really great shape and still be living with some degree of man boobs.Surgery is the only solution for permanently getting rid of it.

Daybreak OC - Otoplasty on a child

Brittany is a young girl who was teased by her peers because of her protruding ears. She took this over from her mom, who has gone through the teasing faze and decided that her daughter doesn't have to.

Daybreak OC - Mommy Makeover

Lisa is like many other moms who has ended up with stretched stomach and deflated breasts after ...

Dr. Cruise on American Health Journal

Dr. Cruise is interviewed on the recently approved silicone breast implants

Revision Decision

Plastic Surgery: Before and After Female Breast Reduction

Maximum Makeover

Plastic Surgery: Before and After Male Breast Reduction

Breast Lift Reduction on Daybreak OC

Breast Reduction combined with a lift brings back not only the comfort but also a great look.

Dr. Cruise's plastic surgery philosophy

Eyelid Surgery

The focal point of the face. Many times just doing the eyes will refresh the entire face.

Face Lift

Face lift is no longer just skin pulling. It also involves the underlying fat...

Neck Lift

Many times men don't ever need a face lift. Neck is usually the part that ages first.

Patients surgical journey

Mommy Makeover Interview

Sally discusses her mommy makeover experience. She has four children and nursed all of them. Sally had breast lift augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck.

Facial Rejuvenation

Leah plastic surgery not only made her feel younger but also improved relationship with her teenage daughter.

Neck, Nose & Chin

Gino thought that rhinoplasty would give him the look he was looking for but it was the neck lift and chin implant that gave him a natural aesthetic look.

Massive Weight Loss

Tammara describes her difficult journey from loosing 160lb to going through breast lift and tummy tuck surgery.

Silicone Breast Augmentation

Young mother who wanted her breasts the way they used to be before pregnancy describes her experience.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

Stephanie shares her her experience from consultation through surgery and is very satisfied with her results.


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