Upper Eyelid Surgery Dr Cruises Philosophy

Joseph T Cruise, MD's Blepharoplasty Philosophy

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph T. Cruise Plastic surgery has made significant progress in the understanding and treatment of eyelid rejuvenation. Personally, I have been actively involved in this progress. I find it very satisfying that I now can address the various causes that create an aged appearance to the eye. Instead of treating it with a one size fits all procedure I can specifically address each problem. This allows me to more effectively rejuvenate the eye region in a way never before possible. This is the artistry of plastic surgery.

As mentioned above, aging of the upper eyelid area can be simplified into thinking of it as aging of the three components that make up the upper eyelid area: The eyebrow, the eyelid, and the lateral canthus. Remember, this is a simplification but it works very well for me when I try to explain the dynamics of eyelid aging.

During consultation, I will examine your upper eye lid region. With the help of a mirror, you will show me what it is that bothers you. We will look at the skin, the muscle, and the underlying fat individually, and as a group, to see what is necessary to create the look you desire. It is very helpful to bring pictures of a magazine with eyes that you would like to resemble.

My philosophy is to try and accomplish the desired results with the least invasive upper eyelid rejuvenation procedure available. Often, it is necessary to combine procedures such as eyelid surgery, chemical peeling, brow lifting, and/or lateral canthoplasty. This allows me to improve the texture and skin quality as well as to reposition skin. From experience, I have determined that the best results are when all the problems are addressed during one procedure. Post operative downtime is minimally increased but the result is much better.