Nose Surgery Prior To Surgery

Prior to Nose Surgery


  1. Avoid sunbathing for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  2. Quit smoking at least 6 weeks prior to surgery as nicotine can impair and delay healing. If this is a problem be sure to alert Joseph T Cruise, MD.
  3. Stop all aspirin containing products, medications that contain blood thinners (Motrin, Advil etc.) vitamin E and herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery. You can take 1 multivitamin a day.
  4. Make sure all requested labs and doctor's clearance are delivered to Joseph T Cruise, MD's office on time.
  5. Trim nasal hair 3 days before surgery.


  1. Medications
  2. ScarLess®. ScarLess® is a prescription strength cream with vitamin E, silicone and Hydrocortisone to help minimize redness and elevation of the scars. You can purchase ScarLess at our office.
  3. Gauze. Make sure to have a box of 4x4 gauze. .
  4. Sudafed or generic equivalent.
  5. Afrin nasal spray or generic equivalent.


Arnica - available at our office or major health food stores. It may decrease bruising, or help it to go away faster. Patients with high blood pressure should not take this herb.


    1. Do not eat anything for 8 hours and drink for 6 hours before surgery.
    2. You may brush and rinse your teeth, but do not eat or drink anything.
    3. Shower and shampoo your hair dry, if possible pull it back into a pony tail.
    4. Cleanse your face. Blow your nose. Do not wear makeup or moisturizers on your face or eyes. Men should shave their face.
    5. Do not bring any jewelry or valuables with you on the day of surgery.
    6. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Remove contact lenses, dentures and all jewelry.
    7. Someone must drive you home and stay with you the first night.
    8. Take 2 pills of Xanax and 2 pills of Celebrex at 1-2 hours before your surgery.
    9. Arrive 1-1.5 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time as instructed at your pre-op.