Gynecomastia Surgeon Dr. Joseph Cruise Featured on Bravo TV

Dr. Joseph Cruise gynecomastia Since Dr. Joseph Cruise was featured on Bravo TV’s ” Newlyweds” reality show, he has gained a lot of attention for his pro-active approach for reaching out to the male community suffering with gynecomastia. His Newport Beach practice, Cruise Plastic Surgery, is one of the few in the world to specialize in treating gynecomastia.

Joseph T Cruise, MD became passionate about this surgical speciality approximately 15 years ago, when he truly began to understand just how deeply the condition negatively impacts the lives of men suffering with man boobs. The emotional toll can be so severe that some teenagers and adult men contemplate suicide. The embarrassment of having boobs often times keeps them from sharing their condition with anyone. This private suffering can lead to devastating outcomes.  As a result, Joseph T Cruise, MD felt compelled to drive awareness about gynecomastia and the treatment options available to get rid of it permanently, so teens and men could escape their suffering and go on to enjoy life to the fullest.

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