Joseph T Cruise, MD was recently quoted in the article “Why Do I Have So Many Pimples as an Adult?” in Fatherly. In the article, he discusses the factors that can lead to adult acne in men.

“In men, the sebaceous glands can become hypersensitive to testosterone, leading to an excess production of sebum,” Dr. Joseph Cruise. “The androgens present in the male body can encourage oily skin and acne breakouts.”

Both men and women produce sex hormones that can contribute to adult acne. However, it is more common in women than men, leaving men with less obvious treatment options. Testosterone is often the main culprit for both men and women.

Causes of Acne in Men

Testosterone is what creates the production of sebum and acne in men, however, their hormonal fluctuations are less predictable than a woman’s monthly cycle. When a man’s testosterone spikes, his sebaceous glands cannot keep up, creating pimples and cysts.

However, testosterone is not the only cause of acne. Hormones, poor diet, excessive sweating, and stress can also play a big role.

Excessive stress may cause your body to produce an excess of hormones, which can cause you to break out,” Joseph T Cruise, MD said.

How to Treat Adult Acne

A gentle cleanser paired with products made with benzoyl peroxide can help to banish acne. Benzoyl peroxide works by destroying cells and bacteria that block your pores and stops acne that is on the surface of the skin. Consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist can also help to determine which treatment options can help to banish your acne.

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