Cruise Plastic Surgery Now Offers Natrelle Inspira® Round Gel Implants

Women seeking breast surgery with implants in Orange County, now have the option of selecting the newest implant manufactured by Allergen; Natrelle Inspira®. Ideal candidates are those who desire a more dramatic look while maintaining a natural soft feel.

Newport Beach, CA. (PRWEB) July 31, 2015

What is Natrelle INSPIRA™?

Cruise Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Patient

Orange County breast surgeon, Joseph T. Cruise M.D., performs hundreds of breast surgeries each year, most of which include placement of breast implants. Understanding no two patients are alike, Joseph T Cruise, MD offers a large variety of breast implant types in order to ensure the best option is selected to meet the needs of the patient and achieve the best result. The addition of the Natrelle INSPIRA® round gel implants will provide patients wanting a more dramatic result with increased fullness and a soft natural feel, which can’t always be achieved with other implant types.

“Quite a few women I meet with want round full voluptuous breasts while maintaining a natural feel. INSPIRA® implants are successful at achieving these goals,” states Joseph T Cruise, MD.

A Silicone Gel Implant

With over 200 options available, there is a Natrelle INSPIRA™ gel breast implant that can help achieve the look a woman desires. Allergen’s Natrelle INSPIRA™ is filled with the same FDA-approved silicone gel they have been using for 10 years. The difference between other Natrelle silicone breast implants and Natrelle’s INSPIRA™ is the amount of gel in the implants. INSPIRA® implants are round and have more silicone gel designed specifically for increased fullness and softness. Not all woman wanting breast implants are flat chested. There are a great deal of woman who have a good amount of breast tissue, but desire larger breasts, or their tissue is predominately located at the bottom of their breasts, with little to no upper fullness. The INSPIRA® silicone gel implants work well for these patients.

Joseph T Cruise, MD is still offering a variety of other implant options at his Orange County practice, Cruise Plastic Surgery, because not all women want what INSPIRA® breast implants offer. During the consultation process the patient’s goals, body type, and other factors will be taken into consideration and the implants which best suit their individual needs will be recommended. As an expert in breast surgery, Joseph T Cruise, MD believes it is important to offer as many implants options as possible to ensure the patient receives the end result they desire.

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