Good Candidates

Are You a Good Neck Lift Candidate?

Some patients looking for a facelift may be the best candidates for a Neck Lift to achive the younger look they desire.

Anyone who has acquired a lax neck where the skin no longer holds tightly against the Adams Apple is a good candidate for a neck lift. Despite the fact that aging affects the entire face, it is not uncommon for the neck to show the effects of aging earlier than that of other areas. Therefore, depending on your situation only a neck lift may be required to obtain the degree of facial rejuvenation you are looking for.

Here is a brief list of things to look for in a good candidate for neck lift surgery.

  • Lax neck skin.
  • Turkey neck banding within the neck.
  • Loss of sharp neck (cervico-mental) angle.
  • Loss of jaw definition.
  • Double or triple chin.
  • Your neck looks shorter and older than it used to.

Diagram of aging face and neck