Cost of Neck Lift

Cost of Neck Lift

If you are considering a neck lift, the cost may be one of the factors affecting your decision. The results that Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph T. Cruise produces for his patients create benefits that affect many aspects of patients’ lives. They tell us that their outlooks change, both physically and psychologically, because of the removal of their “turkey neck,” loose neck skin, and other effects of aging on the neck. Our neck lift patients report that they feel rejuvenated, younger, refreshed, and – most importantly – satisfied.

Quality vs. Value

While cost of a neck lift can be one of things you consider when choosing a cosmetic surgeon, we recommend all patients consider several contributing factors. The best plastic surgeons have the most training, experience, and repeated satisfactory results. Find out what you can about the doctor, and view as many before and after neck lift pictures available in order to see results for patients who had concerns similar to yours.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Joseph T Cruise, MD is known for using a highly specialized neck lift technique, the “suture suspension,” that he has developed over the years to produce the best neck lift results. It is one of the safest approaches with the most predictable, consistent results, and a speedy healing process. This technique may need to be combined with other extensive procedures to achieve the best neck lift result. Many neck lift patients choose to undergo a face lift or other facial rejuvenation procedures at the same time, so the cost of the neck lift can vary.

On average, the neck lift cost totals between $3,500 and $8,500, depending on the extent of the surgery and whether or not other procedures are performed at the same time. This price range does include standard fees such as the plastic surgeon and anesthesiology fees, supplies and facility costs, and follow-up appointment scheduling. Your individual needs will be discussed with Joseph T Cruise, MD at your neck lift consultation, where you will then be provided with a more specific estimate for the cost of your neck lift.

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