Possible Complications

Possible Complications of Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Surgery

The most common complication after male breast reduction is asymmetry or incomplete removal of breast tissue. All breasts have some natural asymmetry. In men, this asymmetry is usually not noticed but it is present. A male breast reduction, in fact, can do a lot to correct asymmetry but it is unreasonable to expect both breasts to be identical.

Another potential complication is over reduction. Joseph T Cruise, MD is careful to prevent this, but, nonetheless, it can happen.

Loss of nipple sensation is very unusual but possible after gynecomastia surgery. In men, this is not usually a problem. Normally, the sensation returns within a few months. Other complications that must be considered are the risks of infection, wound healing problems, fluid or blood collection, and contour irregularities.

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